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63 Green TV Episodes, Marathons and Specials for Earth Day 2010

Mike Vicic - April 16, 2010




To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, 2010, here's your chance to learn what it means to be green -- and be entertained. You can save the TV show at a time. Check out this handy guide to all Earth Day related TV programs that air during Earth Week 2010, but don't forget to turn off your TV when you're done.





Saturday, April 17, 2010

CAPTAIN PLANET AND THE PLANETEERS (Boomerang, 8am - 8pm): Go Planet! Watch 27 episodes of this classic 1990s animated edutainment series that helped America's youth learn how to protect the Earth's environment. This series was definitely a hit with celebs, featuring the voices of Whoopi Goldberg, Neil Patrick Harris, Sting, Fred Savage and many many more.

THE AGE OF STUPID (Planet Green, 10pm - Midnight): How hard should we work to stop climate change right now? In the U.S. premiere of this film, a man in the year 2055 looks back at footage from 2008 and wonders why people didn't stop global warming to prevent his devastated world.


Captain Planet

Sunday, April 18, 2010

NICK NEWS WITH LINDA ELLERBEE (Nickelodeon, 8 - 8:30pm) "Your Thirsty World": We often take safe drinking water for granted, but we shouldn't. Kids around the world -- Honduras, Bangladesh and the U.S. -- talk about the global water crisis and what is being done to conserve and clean water supplies.

NATURE (PBS, 8 - 9pm) "Frogs: The Thin Green Line": The biggest mass extinction since the dinosaurs. Amphibians are disappearing at an alarming rate, and scientists are racing against the clock to stop the massive die-off of frogs.


Frogs: The Thin Green Line

Monday, April 19, 2010

TODAY (NBC, 7am): Kerry Sanders reports about how one family rebuilt their home in a "green" way after it was destroyed in a hurricane.

Bravo Green Marathon (Bravo, 10am - 5pm): A collection of green-themed episodes from your favorite Bravo programs:

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE (PBS, 9 - 11pm) "Earth Days": In this broadcast premiere of Robert Stone's acclaimed film, take a look back at the history of the modern environmental movement — from its post-war rumblings in the 1950s to the 1962 publication of Rachel Carson's incendiary bestseller "Silent Spring" to the first widely successful 1970 Earth Day to the subsequent firestorm of political action. 

30 DAYS (Planet Green, 9 - 10pm) "Off the Grid": The green-themed episode of Morgan Spurlock's series. Two 30-year-old American professionals move to an eco village in Missouri, where they live without depletable natural resources and instead learn about sustainable practices like organic gardening and biodiesel fuel.

THE SUZUKI DIARIES (Planet Green, 10 - 11pm): In the U.S. premiere of this documentary, follow a father-daughter pair on their trip through Europe as they search for people with great ideas for a sustainable future.











Earth Days

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TODAY (NBC, 7am): Learn about the latest green products.

FORECAST EARTH (Weather, 2:30 - 4pm): Three episodes that discuss green homes, the effects of severe weather and how to get a green education in college.


NOVA (PBS, 8 - 9pm) "The Big Energy Gamble": Ed Begley, Jr. and Bill Nye "The Science Guy" examine California's pursuit of a sustainable energy future -- everything from electric cars to windmill farms to residential solar power. Will California be a role model for the rest of the country or just a cautionary tale?


TREEHUGGER TV (Planet Green, 8 - 9pm): The series premiere of the show inspired by the popular website, Host and comedian Faith Salie takes an irreverent and provocative look at everything from air quality to exopolitics, trying to motivate viewers to create a better tomorrow.


THE LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST (Sundance, 8 - 8:30pm): Returning for a second season, host/author/eco-entrepreneur Josh Dorfman continues to meet with people in all walks of life to convert skeptics into environmental advocates by showing them how easy it is to be green. In this season opener, he talks to an interior designer and campers.


FOX's "Green It. Mean It" promos (FOX, 8 - 10pm): During commercial breaks for AMERICAN IDOL and GLEE, cast members from GLEE will offer their own version of green "GLEE Tips" in these special-produced promos. You can see green tips from all FOX talent,  including HOUSE, BONES and FAMILY GUY online.


CITIES ON SPEED (Sundance, 8:30 - 9pm): This four-part series has its U.S. premiere tonight, airing for four consecutive weeks on Tuesday. Four one-hour films tell stories about ordinary citizens and city officials who are grappling with the changes wrought by rapid urban growth in exploding cities: Cairo, Mumbai, Shanghai and Bogota.


INDEPENDENT LENS (PBS, 9 - 11pm) "Dirt!": The soil impacts us more than we could ever imagine. Narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis, this film brings to life the environmental, economic, social and political impact that the soil has on the world. For more info, visit the Dirt! The Movie website.







The Big Energy Gamble






Dirt! The Movie

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TODAY (NBC, 7am): Get a preview of the inaugural Christie's Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth, which takes place on Earth Day.

FORECAST EARTH (Weather, 2 - 4pm): Three episodes about how to live a more sustainable life, including electric cars, wind farms and organic gardening.


WA$TED (Planet Green, 8 - 8:30pm): The first episode of Season 3. Actress/author/activist Annabelle Gurwitch teaches America how to save money while becoming healthier and more eco-friendly.


Get Your Green Back (DIY, 8 - 10pm): Four "green" episodes of original DIY programming:


P.O.V. (PBS, 9 - 10:30pm) "Food, Inc.": What really happens to your food before you buy it at the store or get take-out? The answers may surprise you. Filmmaker Robert Kenner exposes the highly mechanized underbelly of our nation's food industry.













Food Inc.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

TODAY (NBC, 7am): An Earth Day celebration with Chevy Chase joining Matt Lauer.

Nick Jr. Earth Day 2010 Celebration (Nickelodeon, 9am - 12:30pm): A collection of Earth Day friendly episodes for young kids.


SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Earth Day 2010 Celebration (Nickelodeon, 6 - 8:30pm): Start with a two-hour marathon of nature-themed SpongeBob episodes, and then watch the TV premiere of the SpongeBob special, "SpongeBob's Last Stand." In this 30-minute special, SpongeBob and Patrick launch a campaign to stop construction of a superhighway that will destroy Jellyfish Fields forever.


Green Day Earth Day 2010 (fuse, all day starting @ 11am): A different kind of "green" on Earth Day. Watch a full day of Green Day music videos, interviews, documentaries and retrospectives. Don't worry. Fuse TV will still celebrate Earth Day by featuring information about conserving the Earth's natural resources.


Nat Geo Earth Day 2010 Celebration (Nat Geo, 7 - 10pm): Watch two encore presentations of nature-themed episodes and then two world premieres: "Earth from Above" uses NASA satellite data and laser technology to show how humans and violent storms affect fragile ecosystems; "American Serengeti" shows how scientists and conservationists are struggling to rebuild more than 3 million acres of the great American plains by tracking and reintroducing endangered species. Check the Nat Geo website for more Earth Day info.

  • EXPLORER (7 - 8pm): "Climbing Redwood Giants"
  • NAKED SCIENCE (8 - 9pm): "Birth of the Oceans"
  • NAKED SCIENCE (9 - 10pm): "Earth from Above"
  • AMERICAN SERENGETI (10 - 11pm)

BEYOND THE BARREL: THE RACE TO FUEL THE FUTURE (CNBC, 8 - 9pm): Oil prices are on the rise again, carbon dioxide levels continue to increase, and scientists are still looking for alternative fuels. Travel the globe with journalists as they uncover the world's most promising green technologies.


PLANET EARTH: FUTURE (Planet Green, 8 - 11pm): These programs focus on conservation and environmental issues of ecosystems around the world. While taping PLANET EARTH, the crews documented extreme environmental effects and later combined that footage into three 60-minute episodes called PLANET EARTH: THE FUTURE.


Nick-at-Nite Earth Day 2010 Celebration (Nickelodeon, 8:30pm - Midnight): Seven episodes of your fave Nick-at-Nite series touch on environmental, green and scientific topics.


AMERICAN EXPERIENCE (PBS, 9 - 11pm) "Earth Days": An encore showing of Robert Stone's acclaimed film, which originally aired on Monday, April 19.















Green Day




Earth From Above


American Serengeti


We'll continue to update this list as we find more programs; so check back often. If we missed something, let us know in the comments!