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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
07/11/2020 01-001  Pizza in Your Game Face  Nick      0.32 
07/18/2020   Zombies Eat Unicorns!  Nick      0.5 
07/25/2020   Avocado Toasted Pinatas!  Nick      0.36 
08/01/2020   Corgi Rock Party!  Nick      0.53 
08/08/2020   It's Raining Penguins!  Nick      0.33 
08/15/2020   Robots Love Cereal!  Nick      0.33 
09/05/2020   Porcupines Rock High Tops!  Nick       
09/12/2020   Honey Bears Chew Gumballs  Nick       
09/19/2020   Hot Dog Dance Party!  Nick       
09/26/2020   Cactus Pop Tarts!  Nick       
10/03/2020   Let's Eat Electric Cake!  Nick       
10/10/2020   This Planet Is Cuckoo!  Nick       
10/17/2020   Burgers in Your Laundry!  Nick       
10/24/2020   Super Cats & Fierce Ice Cream!  Nick       
10/31/2020   Happy Slime-o-ween!  Nick       
01/14/2021   Calling All Funflowers!  Nick       
01/21/2021   Goofballs from Outer Space!  Nick       
01/28/2021   As Seen on Burrito  Nick       
02/04/2021   Bunny Money  Nick       
02/11/2021   Be My Valentine!  Nick       
02/18/2021   This DJ Is Bananas!  Nick       
02/25/2021   Aye, Aye, Trash Can!  Nick       
03/06/2021   Otter Docs & Polka Dots  Nick       
05/29/2021   Paint the Town Sloppy  Nick       
05/29/2021 Special  The Best Of  Nick       
06/17/2021   I'm Kind of a Big Dill  Nick       
06/21/2021   Strong Beef & Flying Teeth!  Nick       
06/22/2021   Dreaming of an Awful Waffle!  Nick       
06/23/2021   Kickin' Carrots and Bubbly Tea!  Nick       
07/15/2021   Poppin' Starfish and Rockin' Roaches!  Nick       
08/07/2021   Why Did the Bear Cross the Road?  Nick       
08/14/2021   That's a Corny Dog!  Nick       
08/21/2021   Wrestling Slimy Snails!  Nick       
08/28/2021   Gettin' Groovy with a Smoothie!  Nick       
09/11/2021   Fan the Flames!  Nick       
09/18/2021   Jazz Hams!  Nick       
09/25/2021   Spilling the T-Rex  Nick       
10/02/2021   Birds of a Feather Skate Together!  Nick       
10/09/2021   Ah Rats! Who Let the Fox Out?  Nick       
11/11/2021   Rollin' with the Fun Guy!  Nick