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Totally Clueless

Episode List: Totally Clueless

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
10/22/2012 01-001    MTV       
10/24/2012   Babysitter Backfire, Irritable Yogi, Spary on Put On  MTV       
10/25/2012   My Friend's a D-Bag; Be Right Back; SAT Tutor Abduction  MTV       
10/29/2012   Dueling Reporters, Wheelchair Walkout, Contagious Kristen's Class Reunion  MTV       
10/30/2012   Bilingual Bust, Trippy Manicure, Thousand Dollar Cupcake  MTV       
10/31/2012   Moving Breakup, Firing Squad, a Family Affair  MTV       
11/01/2012   Not So Happy Life Coach, Girl Band Pop, Superhero Sidekick  MTV       
11/06/2012   Dirty Restaurant Blogger, Lovers' Lane, Freaky First Day  MTV       
11/07/2012   Reverse Intervention, A Dancing Affair, Sleepy...  MTV       
11/08/2012   How I Met Your Roommate, Blindman Wingman, Girlfriend Fiancee Wife Meltdown  MTV       
11/13/2012   Makeover Takeover, Big Brother Blind Date, Juice Heads  MTV       
11/14/2012   Buzzkill Office Party, Wardrobe Malfunction, Peculiar Pet Store  MTV       
11/15/2012   Employment Con; Life Imitates Art; Pregnant Restaurant  MTV       
11/16/2012   Pedicure Hot Seat, Lost in Translation, Makeup Meltdown  MTV       
11/26/2012   That's One Mischievous Bitch, Not So-Plus-Size Model, Twisted Sisters  MTV       
11/27/2012   Delivery Dilemma, Breakup Boutique, Dirty Word  MTV       
11/28/2012   Yes, I Live Here; On the Job Blind Date; Bipolar Bouncer  MTV       
11/29/2012   Phony Fiancee; A Wrinkle in Cream; Shady Nutritionist  MTV       
11/30/2012   Klepto Blind Date; Hostel Headache; Faux Sale  MTV