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Tiny House, Big Living

Episode List: Tiny House, Big Living

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
12/15/2014 00-001  Jenna and Guillaume's Adventure House-on-Wheels  HGTV      1.21 
12/15/2014 00-002  Derek and Mary's Little House on the Prairie  HGTV      1.32 
07/06/2015     HGTV      1.46 
07/06/2015 01-001    HGTV      1.36 
07/13/2015     HGTV      1.26 
07/13/2015     HGTV      1.48 
07/20/2015   Kris and Betty's Colorado Cottage-on-Wheels  HGTV      1.56 
07/20/2015   Mark and Angela's Tiny Road House  HGTV      1.66 
07/27/2015   Charles and Dakota's Tiny Bus House  HGTV      1.7 
07/27/2015   Jenn Baxter's Decked Out Tiny House  HGTV      1.57 
08/03/2015   Austin and Kaytlyn's Kansas City Tiny House  HGTV      1.31 
08/03/2015   Jarrod and Ali's Tiny Winery Homes  HGTV      1.37 
08/10/2015   Alex and Lance's Amazing Unfoldable Tiny House  HGTV      1.4 
08/10/2015   Rob's Eco-Living Tiny House  HGTV      1.42 
01/01/2016   Jenny and Nathan's Hawaiian Tiny House  HGTV      1.45 
01/01/2016   Mark and Jen Dream of a Tiny House Near the Sand in Florida  HGTV      1.36 
04/25/2016   Chrissy's Earth-Friendly Tiny Home  HGTV       
04/25/2016   Tricked-Out Tiny House  HGTV       
05/02/2016   Texas Tiny House With Resale Value  HGTV       
05/09/2016   Bridget Culp and Billy Lee's Tiny Thrifty Ski Cabin  HGTV       
05/09/2016   Tiny House Made for Three  HGTV       
05/16/2016   Mike and Jasmine's Tiny Fitness Nest  HGTV       
05/16/2016   Young Couple Builds Custom Tiny Birch House  HGTV       
05/23/2016   Tiny School Bus Abode  HGTV       
05/23/2016   Traveling Actor's Tiny House  HGTV       
05/30/2016   Buyer Goes Tiny But Is Shocked at the Lack of Space  HGTV       
05/30/2016   Leaving Hawaii Behind for a Tiny Living in California  HGTV       
06/06/2016   Expressive Tiny Art House  HGTV       
06/06/2016   Tiny Alaskan Cabin on Ice  HGTV       
06/13/2016   Tiny Bayou School Bus  HGTV       
06/13/2016   Tiny Work Haven  HGTV       
06/20/2016   Tanner Family Tiny House  HGTV       
06/20/2016   Tiny Tilting Tower Home  HGTV       
06/27/2016   Lilly's Tiny Circus Home  HGTV       
06/27/2016   Tiny, Techy, Tricked-Out House  HGTV       
07/11/2016   Nashville's Innovative Tiny House  HGTV       
07/11/2016   Young Craftsman's Tiny House  HGTV       
07/18/2016   Tiny Bus Workshop  HGTV       
07/18/2016   Tiny House, Big Storage  HGTV       
07/25/2016     HGTV       
07/25/2016   Erik and Sarah's Expedition Tiny House  HGTV       
01/05/2017   Greg and Carla's Musical Tiny House  DIY       
01/05/2017 04-001  The Simple Container Life  DIY       
01/12/2017   Grad School Tiny House  DIY       
01/12/2017   Tiny Sheepherder's Wagon  DIY       
01/19/2017   Esin's Tiny Elevated Haven  DIY       
01/19/2017   Tiny Smart House  DIY       
01/26/2017   Timber Frame Tiny Home  DIY       
01/26/2017   Tiny Customized Craftsman  DIY       
02/02/2017   Seth's Tiny Bachelor Bus  DIY       
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