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Stuck in the Middle

Episode List: Stuck in the Middle

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
02/14/2016 00-001  Stuck in the Middle  Disney       
03/11/2016 01-001  Stuck in the Sweet Seat  Disney       
03/18/2016   Stuck with a Guy on the Couch  Disney       
03/25/2016   Stuck at the Movies  Disney       
04/01/2016   Stuck in the Block Party  Disney       
04/08/2016   Stuck in the Slushinator  Disney       
04/29/2016   Stuck in the Mother's Day Gift  Disney       
05/13/2016   Stuck in Harley's Comet  Disney       
05/20/2016   Stuck with Mom's New Friend  Disney       
06/03/2016   Stuck With My Sister's Boyfriend  Disney       
06/10/2016   Stuck wirh a Winner  Disney       
06/17/2016   Stuck with No Rules  Disney       
07/18/2016   Stuck in the Harley Car  Disney       
07/19/2016   Stuck in Lockdown  Disney       
07/20/2016   Stuck Without a Ride  Disney       
07/21/2016   Stuck in the Quinceanera  Disney       
07/22/2016   Stuck in the Diaz of Our Lives  Disney       
02/03/2017 02-001; 02-002  Stuck in the Waterpark: The Movie  Disney       
02/09/2017   Stuck in the Aqualympics  Disney       
02/10/2017   Stuck in a Commercial  Disney       
02/17/2017   Stuck in the School Photo  Disney       
02/24/2017   Stuck in a Slushy War  Disney       
03/03/2017   Stuck in the Garage Sale  Disney       
04/07/2017   Stuck in the Diaz Easter  Disney       
04/14/2017   Stuck in the Beast-Day Party  Disney       
04/21/2017   Stuck Without Devices  Disney       
04/28/2017   Stuck with a Boy Genius  Disney       
06/02/2017   Stuck with a Bad Influence  Disney       
06/09/2017   Stuck in a Good Deed  Disney       
06/16/2017   Stuck Dancing with My Dad  Disney       
06/23/2017   Stuck in a Gold Medal Performance  Disney       
09/15/2017   Stuck in a New Room  Disney       
09/22/2017   Stuck with a Dangerous House  Disney       
09/29/2017   Stuck with a New Friend  Disney      1.13 
10/06/2017   Stuck in a Merry Scary  Disney      1.18 
10/13/2017   Stuck with a Hook, Line and Sinker  Disney      1.1 
10/20/2017   Stuck in the Babysitting Nightmare  Disney      1.27 
10/27/2017   Stuck in the Diaz Awards  Disney      1.31 
12/08/2017   Stuck at Christmas: The Movie  Disney      1.36 
01/19/2018   Stuck with Rachel's Secret  Disney       
01/26/2018   Stuck with a Diaz Down  Disney       
02/02/2018   Stuck in Camp Chaos  Disney       
02/09/2018   Stuck with Harley's Bethany  Disney       
03/09/2018   Stuck in a Nice Relationship  Disney       
03/16/2018   Stuck with Horrible Helpers  Disney       
03/23/2018   Stuck in a Mysterious Robbery  Disney       
03/30/2018   Stuck in a Besties Battle  Disney       
04/06/2018   Stuck in Spring Break  Disney       
04/13/2018   Stuck with a New Squad  Disney       
06/26/2018   Stuck with a Non-Diaz  Disney       
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