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Rabbids Invasion

Episode List: Rabbids Invasion

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
08/03/2013 01-001  Omelet Party; Rabbid Mollusk; Rabbid, Are You There?  Nick      2.6 
08/10/2013 01-002  Stop! No More!; Rabbids vs. the Vacuum Cleaner; Runway Rabbids  Nick      2.5 
08/17/2013 01-003  Rabbids Say Cheese; Raving Lifeguard; Rabbid Market  Nick      1.78 
08/24/2013 01-004  Elevatorus Rabbidinus; Until Rabbids Do You Part; Rabbid Radar  Nick      2.16 
09/14/2013 01-005  Rabbids Against the Machine; Ring! Bwaah!; Radio Rabbid  Nick      1.75 
09/21/2013 01-006  Rabbid Playa; Fast Food Rabbid; Escalator Rabbid  Nick      2.5 
09/28/2013 01-007  Scout Rabbids; Jurassic Rabbid; Moo Rabbids  Nick      2.05 
10/12/2013 01-008  Keypad Rabbids; Special Agent Rabbids Schnoz Rabbid  Nick      2.19 
11/02/2013 01-009  Museum Rabbids; Kite Rabbids; Never Refreeze a Rabbid  Nick      2.09 
11/09/2013 01-010  Music Rabbid; Wake Up, Rabbids!; Get in Line, Rabbids!  Nick      2.26 
11/16/2013 01-011  Get in Line, Rabbids!; Sticky Rabbid; Rabbid Test N98002-c: The Platform  Nick      2.12 
11/23/2013 01-012  Rabbidochio; Rabbid Test N 98003-c: The Cube; Rabbids with Fleas  Nick      2.02 
11/30/2013 01-013  Rabbid Elevation; Surprise Rabbid; Rabbid Test N 98001-c: The Mirror  Nick      2.05 
01/04/2014 01-014  Super Rabbid; Dueling Rabbid; Rabbid Test N 98004-c: The Animals  Nick      1.85 
01/11/2014 01-015  Flight of the Rabbids; The Rabbid Who Fell to Earth; Holy Rabbid-Cow!  Nick      1.95 
01/18/2014 01-016  Pecking Rabbid; Rabbidmobile; Prisoner Rabbid  Nick      2.06 
01/25/2014 01-017  Hypno Rabbid; Rabbid Dreams; Snoring Rabbid  Nick      2.12 
02/01/2014 01-018  Rabbid Race to the Moon; Rabbid Games; Rabbid Test N98005-c: The Blue Rabbid  Nick      2.45 
02/08/2014 01-019  Rabbid Doggies; Rabbid Test N98006-c: The Chair; Raving Thirst  Nick      2.21 
02/15/2014 01-020  Rabbid Like Me; Rabbid Mozart Raving Alien  Nick      2.64 
04/05/2014 01-021  Rabbid Parasol; Rabbid Tummy Rumble; Rabbid's Rule of Order  Nick      2.08 
04/12/2014 01-022  Raving Chicken; Plunger Rabbds; Rabbid Snob  Nick      1.71 
04/19/2014 01-023  Safe Deposit Rabbids; Why Did the Rabbid Cross the Road?; Dream On, Rabbid  Nick      1.51 
04/26/2014 01-024  Rabbid 2.0; Rabbid Undies; Sneezy Rabbid  Nick      2.22 
10/11/2014 02-001  Being Rabbids; Rabbid Diet; Reflections in a Rabbid Eye  Nick      1.97 
10/18/2014   Vampire Rabbid; Rabbid Halloween; Zombie Rabbid  Nick      1.53 
11/01/2014   Green Rabbid; Star Rabbids; Rabbid Obsession  Nick      1.73 
11/15/2014   Rabbidroid; Rabbid Compression; Rabbid Fit  Nick      1.73 
11/22/2014   Guide-Rabbid; The Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbids; Rabbids BFFs  Nick      1.6 
12/06/2014   O Come All Ye Rabbids; Slippery and Soapy; Rabbid Stick-Up  Nick      2.17 
06/06/2015   The Moon Rabbid; Dreaming Rabbid; Rabbid Secrets  Nick      1.62 
06/13/2015   Love Rabbid; Super Inventive Rabbids; Welcome to Rabbidland  Nick      1.48 
06/20/2015   Run, Rabbid, Run!; Mafia Rabbids; Wild West Rabbid  Nick      2.01 
06/27/2015   Dressed Up Rabbid; Self-Conscious Rabbid; Rabbid Associates  Nick      1.74 
01/10/2016   The Last Rabbid; Mini Rabbid; Rabbid Negotiation  Nick       
01/17/2016   Rabbid Test Pilot; Rabbid Brass Band; Mini Rabbids vs. Giant Chicken  Nick       
01/24/2016   Rabbid Fetch; Rabbid Escape; Rabbid Werewolf  Nick       
01/31/2016   Invisible Rabbid; Rabbid Anthem; The Incredible Rabbid Space Time Machine  Nick       
02/07/2016   Rabbiddoll; Rabbid Stratagems; A Rabbid's Valentine  Nick       
06/16/2017   Rabbid Cruise; Rabbid Little Brother; Spit-Roast Rabbid  NickToons       
06/16/2017   Rabbid Park; Rabbid Enlightenment; Between a Rabbid and a Hard Place  NickToons