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Haunted Hospitals

Episode List: Haunted Hospitals

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
10/12/2018 01-001    T+E       
02/25/2019 01-001  Dead Man Rotting  Travel       
03/04/2019   Faces of Death  Travel       
03/11/2019   Basement Terror  Travel       
03/18/2019   The Wailing Walls  Travel       
03/25/2019   Elevator From Hell  Travel       
04/01/2019   A Question of Sanity  Travel       
04/08/2019   Maternity Ward Menace  Travel       
04/15/2019   Campus Haunting  Travel       
04/22/2019   The Demon Within  Travel       
04/29/2019   Christmas Terror  Travel       
05/06/2019   Beyond the Battlefield  Travel       
05/13/2019   Body and Spirit  Travel       
05/20/2019   Unwanted Visitors  Travel       
01/04/2020 02-001  They Have No Eyes, Dark Things and Celebration of Death  Travel      0.44 
01/11/2020   The Possession of Anna, Terror in the Morgue and the Fright Shift  Travel      0.34 
01/18/2020   The Dark Thing, Get Out and The Horror in Room 3  Travel      0.32 
01/25/2020   Room 13; Voices from the Other Side; The Warning  Travel      0.34 
02/01/2020   Annette, The Shadows and The Smoking Man  Travel      0.34 
02/08/2020   Annette, The Shadows and The Smoking Man  Travel      0.36 
02/15/2020   The Suicide Room and The Little Boy  Travel      0.38 
02/22/2020   Where There Is Smoke, It Moved and Nun So Wicked  Travel      0.33 
02/29/2020   Kill the Lights, The Wrong Floor and Phantom Fall  Travel      0.37 
03/07/2020   The Cruel Nurse and When Hell Freezes Over  Travel      0.34 
03/14/2020   The Curse of Hallows' Eve, Room 24 and The Coal Miner's Ghost  Travel      0.36 
03/21/2020   Evil in the Attic, Hell Breaks Loose and Help Me!  Travel      0.42 
03/28/2020   From the Morgue and Obsession  Travel      0.4 
05/07/2021 03-001  Swept Away  discovery+       
05/07/2021 03-002  Soul Taker  discovery+       
05/07/2021 03-003  Child's Play  discovery+       
05/14/2021 03-004  Spiteful Spirit  discovery+       
05/21/2021 03-005  The Hand of Death  discovery+       
05/28/2021 03-006  The Other Side  discovery+       
06/04/2021 03-007  This Room Is Taken  discovery+       
06/11/2021 03-008  Reckless Thrills  discovery+       
06/18/2021 03-009  The Harbingers  discovery+       
06/25/2021 03-010  From the Other Side  discovery+       
07/02/2021 03-011  The Angry Chef  discovery+       
07/09/2021 03-012  It Followed Me Home  discovery+       
07/16/2021 03-013  The Guilt That Haunts Us  discovery+       
09/07/2021 03-001  Dance of Death, The Feeder and Swept Away  Travel       
09/14/2021   Soul Taker, The Iron Lu  Travel       
09/21/2021   Child's Play, Phantom Playmate and the Terror Twins  Travel       
09/28/2021   A Spiteful Spirit, and The Portal  Travel       
10/05/2021   The Hand of Death, The Restless Dead, and The Ghost in the Picture  Travel       
10/12/2021   The Graveyard Shift, The Bridge, The Other Side  Travel       
10/19/2021   This Room is Taken, Pushing Back and Three Strikes  Travel       
11/02/2021   The Woman in White, The Burnt Man, The Harbingers  Travel       
11/09/2021   From the Other Side and Unholy Ghost  Travel       
11/16/2021   The Angry Chef; the Evil Sister; To Stop a Ghost  Travel       
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