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Hard Time

Episode List: Hard Time

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
02/23/2009 01-001  Breaking In  Nat Geo       
03/02/2009 01-002  The Ropes  Nat Geo       
03/09/2009 01-003  Tools of Control  Nat Geo       
03/16/2009 01-004  Changes Behind Bars  Nat Geo       
03/23/2009 01-005  Breaking Point  Nat Geo       
03/30/2009 01-006  Breakout  Nat Geo       
02/01/2011 02-001  The Hustle  Nat Geo       
02/01/2011 02-002  Prison City  Nat Geo       
02/08/2011   Breaking the Rules  Nat Geo       
02/15/2011   Female Offenders  Nat Geo       
02/22/2011   Against the Wall  Nat Geo       
03/01/2011   Prison Gangs  Nat Geo       
03/08/2011   Back on the Streets  Nat Geo       
03/15/2011   Worst of the Worst  Nat Geo       
07/05/2011 03-001  Battle Behind Bars  Nat Geo       
07/12/2011   World Without Men  Nat Geo       
07/19/2011   Women on Lockdown  Nat Geo       
07/26/2011   Gangs vs. God  Nat Geo       
08/02/2011   Cellphone War  Nat Geo       
08/09/2011   Prisoner Protest  Nat Geo       
08/16/2011   The Convict Cycle  Nat Geo       
08/23/2011   The Outsiders  Nat Geo       
08/14/2012 04-001  Predator and Prey  Nat Geo       
08/21/2012   Hustlers  Nat Geo       
08/28/2012   Come on Vacation, Leave on Probation  Nat Geo       
09/04/2012   Jail Mom  Nat Geo       
09/11/2012   Running the Joint  Nat Geo       
09/18/2012   Love Behind Bars  Nat Geo       
09/25/2012   Judgement Day  Nat Geo       
10/02/2012   Revolving Door  Nat Geo       
10/09/2012   Gangs Behind Bars  Nat Geo       
10/16/2012   Mental Hell  Nat Geo       
10/23/2012   Misfits & Outcasts  Nat Geo       
10/30/2012   Stress Box  Nat Geo       
11/06/2012   Truth and Lies  Nat Geo       
02/09/2013   Inmates vs. Officers  Nat Geo       
02/09/2013   Truth and Lies  Nat Geo       
07/02/2015 Special  Hustlers and Con Men  Nat Geo      0.35 
12/06/2018   Locked Up: Hustles & Scams  Nat Geo       
12/13/2018   Locked Up: Prison Changes You  Nat Geo       
12/20/2018   Locked Up: Breaking the Cycle  Nat Geo