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Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures

Photo Credit:  Travel Channel
  • Premiered: 
    October 17, 2008
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  • Network: Travel
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Reality
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    Based on the 2006 documentary (Ghost Adventures: The Documentary Film) 
  • Subject Matter: Supernatural/Paranormal
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Plot Synopsis

Paranormal investigators Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin document supernatural activity at haunted locations, both domestic and international. During their investigations -- which included Nick Groff for the first 10 seasons -- the crew learns about the area, interviews locals about hauntings, and gets up close and personal with the spirits reportedly inhabiting these locations. Armed with night vision cameras, digital recording equipment and unique provoking techniques, the crew readies themselves for an overnight investigation. While being locked down from dusk til dawn, the Ghost Adventures crew investigates each location's paranormal activity. At the end of each episode, an independent, third-party team of paranormal specialists conducts a scientific analysis to decipher and analyze the evidence caught on camera. In Season 7 (Fall 2012), the crew travels to new locations including Sugar Lands, TX to investigate the Central Unit Prison and Point Sur, CA's historic Point Sur Lighthouse. The group also explores the 150-year-old Black Moon Manor mansion in Greenfield, IN, the haunted happenings at Sauk Centre, MN's Palmer House Hotel, and the paranormal activity at the Excalibur Nightclub. The 13-episode eighth season of GHOST ADVENTURES premieres on Friday, August 16, 2013 at 9pm ET/PT on Travel Channel, as Zak, Nick and Aaron explore unexplained paranormal activity all over the world in their never-ending quest to understand ghostly phenomena. Plus, Season 8 features the show's 100th episode (Friday, October 4) and a one-hour retrospective special, "Ghost Adventures: Up Close & Personal," on Friday, September 27 at 9pm ET/PT, during which the team looks back on 100 of their most unforgettable moments. In addition, this season also features a special two-hour Halloween episode that takes viewers to Transylvania, where the team will explore the truth behind the legend of Count Dracula, as they investigate the most terrifying haunted castles in this intriguing and historical Romanian province. Other lockdown locations include the 150-year-old Black Swan Inn in San Antonio, TX; the Tuolumne General Hospital in the old mining town of Sonora, CA; the notoriously violent Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City, MO; the Yost Theater and Ritz Hotel in Santa Ana, CA; a haunted century-old Victorian Mansion just outside of Boston, and more. Moving to a new night of the week, GHOST ADVENTURES returned for its ninth season on Saturday, February 15, 2014 at 9pm ET/PT on Travel Channel. In the Season 9 premiere, Zak, Nick and Aaron explored the Oman House -- a Los Angeles home ridden with paranormal activity believed to be directly related to the infamous Sharon Tate murders, which took place just 200 feet from the property by Charles Manson and his cult of followers in 1969. Other Season 9 locations include: Bannack, MT, a lawless, Old West mining-turned-ghost-town with a gruesome, violent past; New York City's Morris-Jumel Mansion, a historic haunt rich with American history and soap opera drama; Katie's Bar in Long Island, NY, a local pub with paranormal activity that is frightening employees; the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, LA, a 215 year-old property that is one of America's most famous haunted locations; a former cement factory with a dark past in Salt Lake City, UT, which now houses a Halloween fun house with real-life frights; and more. GHOST ADVENTURES returned for its tenth season on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 9pm ET/PT on Travel Channel. This season launches with lockdown investigations in five iconic locations airing throughout the month of October, including a two-hour Halloween special which investigates the ancient Celtic demons that make up the country's haunted Halloween history. Season 10 is comprised of thirteen hour-long episodes and one two-hour special. "We're going big this season," said Zak Bagans, lead investigator. "From the massive Queen Mary ship in California to Ireland's Leap Castle and Mexico's Island of the Dolls, each location is embedded with layers of paranormal activity to explore. As Nick, Aaron and I dig deeper to capture compelling evidence, we're instituting a variety of new investigation tactics, experiments and equipment." Season 10 locations include: The Queen Mary (Long Beach, CA); Lemp Mansion (St. Louis, MO); Zozo Demon (Oklahoma City, OK); Island of the Dolls (Xochimico, Mexico); and Ireland: Celtic Demons -- Leap Castle, Hell Fire Club, Loftus Hall (Ireland). GHOST ADVENTURES returned for its 11th season on Saturday, August 22, 2015 at 9pm ET/PT on Travel Channel, with 11 hour-long episodes and one two-hour special in the new season. Zak and Aaron, along with A/V techs Billy and Jay, explore America's most haunted hot spots in pursuit of answers to the ghostly mysteries that lie within. In the season premiere, the team travels to Scotch Grove, Iowa to investigate the 150-year-old Edinburgh Manor. The manor once housed the incurably insane and has documented over 100 deaths within its walls. A menacing dark entity known as "The Joker" terrorizes those who enter, inflicting physical harm. Inexplicable technical issues plague the team from the start. As they make their way to the basement -- the center of the Joker's attacks -- Bagans and Goodwin experience intense uncomfortable feelings, and Bagans decides to leave before the dangerous energy completely overwhelms him. But the investigation takes a frightening physical turn when Tolley makes contact with an active presence. Season 12 of GHOST ADVENTURES premiered on Saturday, January 30, 2016 at 9pm ET/PT on Travel Channel. In the season opener, "Black Dahlia House," Zak travels to the haunted Los Feliz mansion in Los Angeles to investigate one of the most iconic murder mysteries, The Black Dahlia. Members of the team experience negative energy, and audio and visual recordings give the team clues about the murder. Later in the season, Zak and the crew stay on the West Coast to investigate a secret Scientology Lab (La Canada-Flintridge, CA), the Bracken Fern Manor & Tudor House (Lake Arrowhead, CA), the Riviera Hotel & Casino for a second time (Las Vegas, NV), the Chinese town of Locke (near Walnut Grove in California's Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta), and more. Season 13 of GHOST ADVENTURES premiered on Saturday, September 23, 2016 at 9pm ET/PT on Travel Channel. In the season opener, "Colorado Gold Mine," the crew is in Idaho Springs, Colorado, traveling deep into the Phoenix Gold Mine. Zak learns about a heinous murder that haunts the mine and the entire crew makes contact with a tiny, malicious spirit known as a Tommyknocker. In subsequent episodes, the team explore Mackay Mansion (Virginia City, NV); Palace Saloon (Prescott, AZ); a home in Reseda, CA; Dorothea Puente Murder House (Sacramento, CA); and more. The crew also investigates the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Oklahoma, where it is said the owner performs satanic rituals in the local cemetery. Zak also uncovers the truth about what happened to the famous outlaw Elmer McCurdy after his death. Other destinations this season include: the Freak Show Murder House in Los Angeles' Chatsworth neighborhood; the Samaritan Cult House, an abandoned prison in Guthrie, Oklahoma, which in the 1990s served as the headquarters for the Samaritan Foundation; the Double Eagle Restaurant and the Dona Ana County Courthouse in New Mexico; the infamous Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles; and more. Travel Channel premiered the fourteenth season of GHOST ADVENTURES on Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 9pm ET/PT. In the season opener, "Golden Ghost Town," Zak and the crew travels to a sinister ghost town near Wolf Creek, Oregon. During the investigation, Zak is overtaken by an aggressive entity, Aaron is incapacitated by a dark force, eerie figures appear and a voice warns of a demonic presence.
Travel Channel is ringing in 2019 with a two-day marathon of GHOST ADVENTURES, featuring Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley. Beginning Monday, December 31, the lineup will feature some of the series' most terrifying and unforgettable episodes from recent seasons -- including "The Slaughter House" featuring superstar Post Malone, "The Titanic Museum" and "Return to Winchester Mystery House."

The marathon culminates in the television premiere of Zak Bagans' film, DEMON HOUSE, on Tuesday, January 1. The documentary follows Bagans' investigation of a Gary, Indiana, home he purchased sight unseen, after learning about its demonic history. Immediately following the film's network debut, Travel Channel will premiere the one-hour special "Demon House: Lost Footage," revealing exclusive, never-before-seen footage from the documentary, along with special commentary from Bagans about the unforgettable and terrifying experience.

Next, in a two-part GHOST ADVENTURES special, the team investigates one of America's most haunted towns: Alton, Illinois. Known as the River Bend region, Alton is situated just north of St. Louis, Missouri, and is rife with dark history. Bagans and the crew investigate the area's most haunted buildings in "Curse of the River Bend" -- premiering on Saturday, January 5 and Saturday, January 12.

Beginning Monday, December 31 at 8am ET/PT
Featured episodes include: "Manresa Castle," "Odd Fellows Asylum," "Grand Canyon Caverns," "Old Lincoln County Hospital," "Palace Saloon," "Kennedy Mine," "The Titanic Museum," "Pythian Castle," "The Slaughter House," "Nevada State Prison," "Black Dahlia House," "Return to Winchester Mystery House," "Stone Lion Inn," "The Washoe Club: Final Chapter" and more.

DEMON HOUSE -- Two-Hour Documentary; Television Premiere
Premieres Tuesday, January 1 from 9-11pm ET/PT
In 2014, the story of a demon possession in Gary, Indiana, caused a worldwide media sensation. Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans was producing an episode of his popular television series, "Ghost Adventures," when the story broke; he bought the house a day later over the phone, sight unseen. But Bagans and his crew were unprepared for what awaited them at the house possessed by "200 demons." Bagans soon suffered from a debilitating illness, crew members quit and people nearly died ... Bagans even started to wonder if just viewing the film could open audiences up to possession themselves. Had he made a movie too dangerous to release?

"Demon House: Lost Footage" -- One-Hour Special
Premieres Tuesday, January 1 at 11pm ET/PT
This exclusive special reveals never-before-seen footage from Zak Bagans' film, DEMON HOUSE, a documentary that follows Bagans' investigation of a haunted Gary, Indiana, home he purchased, sight unseen, and is believed to be possessed by demons. The hour-long special features commentary from Bagans about the home and its backstory, the terrifying investigation and unseen evidence.

"Curse of the River Bend" -- Two-Part GHOST ADVENTURES Special
Premieres Saturday, January 5 and Saturday, January 12 at 9pm ET/PT
Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley head to Alton, Illinois, in this two-part GHOST ADVENTURES special. A city just north of St. Louis, Missouri, Alton sits on the Mississippi River. Rife with dark history, it's considered one of America's most haunted towns. The crew investigates two of the town's most haunted buildings in hopes of capturing paranormal evidence.

"McPike Mansion" -- Premieres Saturday, January 5 at 9pm ET/PT
The team travels to Alton, Illinois, a town considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in America, to investigate a Victorian mansion with a rich history and reports of dangerous paranormal activity.

"Mineral Springs Hotel" -- Premieres Saturday, January 12 at 9pm ET/PT
The crew concludes their two-part investigation of Alton, Illinois, at the Mineral Springs Hotel. The 1914 structure has been witness to multiple deaths, and Zak Bagans believes a demonic entity is keeping these lost souls trapped inside the building.


Other Titles

  • Previously known as Extreme Ghost Adventures

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