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The Exes

Episode List: The Exes

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
11/30/2011 01-001  Pilot  TV Land       
12/07/2011   A Little Romance  TV Land       
12/14/2011   Working Girl  TV Land       
12/21/2011   Lutz and the Real Girl  TV Land       
12/28/2011   An Inconvenient Tooth  TV Land       
01/04/2012   A Very Wrong Engagement  TV Land       
01/11/2012   Lost in Translation  TV Land       
01/18/2012   My Dinner with Phil  TV Land       
01/25/2012   When Holly Broke Kevin  TV Land       
02/01/2012   The Ex Always Rings Twice  TV Land       
06/20/2012 02-001  Analyze Them  TV Land       
06/27/2012   What Women Want  TV Land       
07/04/2012   Cool Hand Lutz  TV Land       
07/11/2012   Baby Mama  TV Land       
07/18/2012   Lethal Weapons  TV Land       
07/25/2012   Shall We Dance  TV Land       
08/01/2012   Three Men and a Maybe  TV Land       
08/08/2012   How Holly Got Her Groove Back  TV Land       
08/15/2012   The Party  TV Land       
08/22/2012   Sister Act  TV Land       
08/29/2012   He's Gotta Have It  TV Land       
09/05/2012   Pirates of the Care of Eden  TV Land       
06/19/2013 03-001  Toy Story  TV Land       
06/26/2013   The Holly's Buddies Story  TV Land       
07/03/2013   Insider Episode: Toy Story  TV Land       
07/10/2013   Trading Places  TV Land       
07/17/2013   Zero Dark Forties  TV Land       
07/24/2013   Defending Your Wife  TV Land       
07/31/2013   Take This Job and Shove It  TV Land       
08/07/2013   Pretty Women  TV Land       
08/14/2013   Prelude to a Kiss  TV Land       
08/21/2013   The Hand That Robs the Cradle  TV Land       
08/28/2013   My Ex-Boyfriend's Wedding  TV Land       
12/11/2013   True Lies  TV Land       
12/18/2013   How the Grinch Spent Xmas  TV Land       
12/25/2013 Special  Sneak Peek: Upcoming Episodes & Leah Remini's Guest-Starring Role  TV Land       
01/01/2014   Nothing in Common  TV Land       
01/08/2014   Bachelor Party  TV Land       
01/22/2014   Starting Over  TV Land       
01/29/2014   Friends Without Benefits  TV Land       
02/05/2014   Nun Like It Hot  TV Land       
02/12/2014   When Haskell Met Sammy  TV Land       
02/19/2014   My Fair Stuart  TV Land       
02/26/2014   The Old Man and the Holly  TV Land       
11/05/2014 04-001  The Devil Wears Hanes  TV Land      0.47 
11/12/2014   The Wedding Unplanner  TV Land      0.66 
11/19/2014   Love and Death  TV Land       
11/26/2014   An Officer and a Dental Man  TV Land      0.72 
12/03/2014   Oh Brother Here Art Thou  TV Land      0.45 
12/10/2014   Dawn of the Dad  TV Land      0.7 
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