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Dateline on OWN

Episode List: Dateline on OWN

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05/15/2012   Valentine's Day Mystery  OWN       
05/15/2012 01-001  Deadly Sanctuary  OWN       
05/22/2012   Family Portrait  OWN       
05/22/2012   The Night Before Brianna Vanished  OWN       
07/17/2012   Burning Suspicion  OWN       
07/17/2012   Over the Edge: Cliff Death  OWN       
07/24/2012   Lost and Found  OWN       
07/31/2012   The Mystery of the Murdered Major  OWN       
08/07/2012   The Day She Disappeared  OWN       
09/05/2012   Something About Susan  OWN       
09/19/2012   The Mystery at Lost Dog Road  OWN       
09/26/2012   Behind the Badge  OWN       
10/24/2012   To Catch a Con Man  OWN       
10/29/2012   The Night Before Halloween  OWN       
11/12/2012   Deadly Deception  OWN       
12/03/2012   The Beauty and the Beast  OWN       
12/10/2012   Along Came a Spider  OWN       
12/17/2012   Bitter Pill  OWN       
01/14/2013   Dance with the Devil  OWN       
01/21/2013   Trouble on the Hill  OWN       
01/31/2013   The Girl in the Little Blue Dress  OWN       
01/31/2013   Where There's Smoke  OWN       
02/04/2013   The Mystery of the Lost Weekend  OWN       
03/04/2013   Death of a Heartsong  OWN       
03/07/2013   In the Bedroom  OWN       
03/14/2013   A Stranger in the House  OWN       
04/08/2013   Bad Chemistry  OWN       
06/27/2013   Deadly Triangle  OWN       
04/27/2015   Who Killed the Radio Star  OWN       
05/04/2015   Suspicion  OWN       
05/18/2015   Deadly Conspiracy  OWN       
06/01/2015   In an Instant  OWN       
06/08/2015   Poison  OWN       
06/22/2015   The Night Lynsie Disappeared  OWN       
07/06/2015   Secrets in the Mist  OWN       
07/13/2015   Secrets in the Snow  OWN       
07/20/2015   The Night Hannah Hill Disappeared  OWN       
07/27/2015   While They Were Sleeping  OWN       
08/03/2015   The Devil and Bobbi Parker  OWN       
08/10/2015   Day of Reckoning  OWN       
08/17/2015   Family Affair  OWN       
09/07/2015   Deadly Connection  OWN       
03/14/2016   Deadly Desire  OWN       
03/21/2016   Shattered  OWN       
03/28/2016   Betrayal  OWN       
04/04/2016   Mystery at Ascot Estates  OWN       
04/11/2016   Behind Closed Doors  OWN       
04/18/2016   Secrets in the Desert  OWN       
04/25/2016   The Fugitive  OWN       
05/02/2016   Mystery in Mustang  OWN       
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