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Below Deck Mediterranean

Below Deck Mediterranean

Photo Credit:  Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo
  • Premiered: 
    May 3, 2016
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  • Network: Bravo
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Reality
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    2nd series in the BELOW DECK franchise, following Below Deck 
  • Subject Matter: Workplace
  • Tags: yacht

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    Season 6

Plot Synopsis

This spinoff of BELOW DECK follows nine crew members living and working aboard a 150-foot mega-yacht as it undertakes a new charter season in picturesque Greece. Providing unparalleled service to wealthy and uncompromising guests is made even more difficult as the team faces everything from love triangles to seeing fellow crew members shockingly cross the line with guests. Voyaging from Santorini, Mykonos and many of the Greek islands, each episode features a new group of elite clientele who present a new set of challenges, all while offering the crew a glamorous lifestyle and exotic perks that most people only dream of experiencing. For these young, attractive and adventurous yachties, the "work hard, play harder" nature of the job combined with the pressure of working in the most exclusive yachting scene in the world pushes the team close to the breaking point. The crew includes: Captain Mark Howard, who has been a yacht captain for almost 30 years, with international experience ranging from sailing the South Pacific to the Mediterranean and Caribbean on both private and charter boats; Chef Ben Robinson, who worked under Italian master chefs in Florence and gained an apprenticeship at 3-Michelin Star restaurant The Fat Duck, based in the United Kingdom; Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier, whose charm and perseverance has allowed her to rise to the top, while holding very high standards, especially when it comes to the Mediterranean as it is the ultimate location in the world for yachting; Stewardess Julia d'Albert Pusey, a British native, has worked on yachts off and on over the past eight years; Stewardess Tiffany Copeland, who has a background in science and originally began her career as a marine biologist before she discovered her love for yachting; First Mate Bryan Kattenburg, a jack of all trades, who has the skills of both a captain and an engineer and takes pride in his leadership capabilities; Deckhand Jen Riservato, a Long Island native, who's known for being very gregarious while not standing for any nonsense; Deckhand Danny Zureikat, new to the yachting world, whose vitality for life is infectious and whose earnest desire to learn and do whatever is asked of him; and Deckhand Bobby Giancola, a Central Florida native, who recently got into yachting through his former career as a maritime firefighting instructor. On Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 10pm ET/PT, Bravo premiered a half-hour sneak peek of this series, which officially premiered on Tuesday, May 3 at 9pm.

Season 2 of BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN premiered on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo, with Sandy Yawn as the first female captain in franchise history. Returning this season are cast members Hannah Ferrier (Chief Stew) and Bobby Giancola (Deckhand) alongside a fresh-faced crew, Adam Glick (Chef), Christine "Bugsy" Drake (Second Stew), Lauren Cohen (Third Stew), Wesley Walton (Bosun), Malia White (Deckhand) and Max Hagley (Deckhand). The series sets sail for a second season in the pinnacle of yachting destinations, the Mediterranean, with a new young, attractive and bold crew aboard the 154' mega yacht, "Sirocco." As the team travels to some of the most famous islands of Croatia, they work hard to deliver an unparalleled experience for every guest but with major growing pains from the new working dynamic, they struggle to stay afloat. Facing long hours in catering to the guests' every want and need, the crew encounters choppy waters as they attempt to juggle severe cabin fever, hierarchy struggles and the most love triangles in Below Deck history. While each charter presents a new group of guests and a new set of unthinkable requests, the crew with varying levels of experience, work to overcome their differences in order to succeed. In the end, will the team focus on their shared passion for the luxurious "yachtie" lifestyle? Or, will they succumb to the tension and politics of life below deck?

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN's third voyage premiered on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo, with the crew cruises through scenic Italy, one of the most historic and desired yachting locations in the Mediterranean. Captain Sandy Yawn is once again at the helm of the 178' "Talisman Maiton," the largest superyacht in Below Deck history. Joining Captain Sandy from last season are Hannah Ferrier (Chief Stew) and Adam Glick (Chef), along with a new set of "yachties" Brooke Laughton (Second Stew), Kasey Cohen (Third Stew), Conrad Empson (Bosun), Joao Franco (Lead Deckhand), Colin Macy-O'Toole (Deckhand) and Jamie Jason (Deckhand). In the third season, the crew voyages from Naples to Capri to Positano, taking in a plethora of breathtaking stops along the Amalfi Coast. During one of the best charter seasons yet, Captain Sandy risks giving Hannah and Chef Adam a second chance. But will they find redemption and get back in Sandy's good graces? New Bosun Conrad cannot seem to keep his eyes off one of his fellow crew, but quickly learns the ups and downs that come with mixing business and pleasure. Meanwhile the resident "boat flirt" and lead deckhand Joao vies for the affection of not one, but two stews. Looking to approach this charter with a fresh outlook, Hannah's hoping for a dream team with stews, Brooke and Kasey, but quickly realizes she has more than her hands full when seasickness gets the best of one of them. Eager to master the exterior, deckhand Jamie struggles when she's constantly pulled to help cover for one of the stews. A former ferry boat captain who is new to white glove yachting, deckhand Colin is anxious to join the team and willing to pick up the extra load when needed. This season the crew will encounter everything from hurricane winds, lightning storms and tending to the unimaginable demands of their high-profile guests, but the ultimate test these "yachties" face is overcoming their differences in order to succeed in this "work hard, play hard" world.

On Monday, June 3, 2019 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo, BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN embarked on a voyage through the French Riviera in the show's fourth season. Returning crew members include: Captain Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferrier (Chief Stew), Joao Franco (Bosun) and Colin Macy-O'Toole (Deckhand). The new "yachties" include: Mila Kolomeitseva (Chef), Aesha Scott (Second Stew), Anastasia Surmava (Third Stew), Travis Michalzik (Deckhand) and Jack Stirrup (Deckhand). Sandy may be navigating the "Sirocco" mega yacht again, but she brings a new level of leadership in season four. With high expectations, she has no tolerance for anything short of perfection and will take drastic measures if the crew can't deliver. Hannah, looking to right her wrongs from last season, is hoping for smooth sailing with a strong interior crew. But will choppy waters threaten her redemption? Mila, classically trained in French culinary cuisine, becomes the first female chef in franchise history, but after a bout with food poisoning right as the first charter guests are set to arrive, she'll have her work cut out for her. Aesha, coping with a difficult past and using humor to get through tough times, is ready to hit the high seas and get another charter under her belt. Anastasia, as a child of an immigrant mother, has a strong sense of pride in her work ethic which takes her on an unexpected journey. Joao is looking for a fresh start and is laser focused on being the best Bosun for the crew, but not everyone is on board. Colin, feeling homesick, quickly finds himself on the outs after trying to connect with the new deck crew. Travis after a few mishaps begins to question leadership, however, it's his "work hard, play hard" mentality that comes into question by the rest of the crew. Jack ruffles feathers when the crew notices he's putting more effort into pursuing a crew member than his actual job.

Bravo premiered Season 5 of BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN on Monday, June 1, 2020 at 9pm ET/PT. Returning for a fifth season in picturesque Mallorca, Spain, are: Captain Sandy Yawn, Hannah Ferries (Chief Stew), and from Season 2 Malia White (Bosun) New crew members include: Hindrigo 'Kiko' Lorran (Chef), Lara Flumiani (Stew), Jessica More (Stew), Pete Hunker (Lead Deckhand), Alex Radcliffe (Deckhand), and Robert Westergaard (Deckhand). Voyaging around the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain, on the 184-foot mega yacht "The Wellington," the largest in BELOW DECK history, the crew encounters choppy waters trying to navigate everything from heartbreaks and power struggles to challenges with maritime law. As these yachties work to conquer each charter, they struggle to set aside their differences, forcing Captain Sandy to make career-defining decisions that challenge the group in more ways than one. In the season opener, "I Like Big Boats & I Cannot Lie," Captain Sandy Yawn is at the helm of the mega-yacht Wellington, cruising one of the most desired yachting locations in the Mediterranean: Mallorca, Spain. After earning the Lead Deckhand title in Season 2, Malia returns as Captain Sandy's first female Bosun, a role she hopes to grow into while commanding respect from her all-male deck team. Brazilian Chef, Kiko, tries to make a good first impression while having to overcome Captain Sandy's skepticism from last charter season's galley struggles. Hannah returns as Chief Stew in a new stage of her life, but immediately finds herself challenged by an experienced Second Stew. When the first guests arrive, cracks begin to surface as Hannah attempts to maintain control of her team.

Season 6 of BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN launches on Monday, June 21, 2021 at 3:01am ET/12:01am PT on Peacock, cruising to the crystal-clear waters of the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White (Bosun) return for another voyage, and they're joined by seven new yachties: Katie Flood (Chief Stew), Mathew Shea (Chef), Lexi Wilson (Stew), Courtney Veale (Stew), David Pascoe (Deckhand), Lloyd Spencer (Deckhand), and Mzi "Zee" Dempers (Deckhand). The crew boards the 180-foot mega yacht "Lady Michelle" and embarks on an exciting new charter season as they head to Sibenik, the oldest native Croatian town on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Personalities clash and tension quickly escalates as a crew member's grudges start to rock the boat and disrupt the workflow. In a shocking franchise first, a serious crisis occurs before the opening charter, leaving the staff to worry if the season will be over before it even begins. While unprecedented permutations in the crew structure disrupt the dynamic of the boat, one department head's new management style causes friction that spans to the entire crew. Amidst roommate issues and health scares, the staff encounters one demanding charter group after another, all while continuing to provide the seven-star service that is expected in the Med. Between charters, long workdays lead to late night hijinks, surprising hook-ups and one heated, over-the-top argument in the hot tub that leaves the group at a crossroads.

On Monday, July 4, 2022, Peacock released the first episode of BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN's seventh season. Season 7 made its linear television debut on Monday, July 11, 2022 at 8pm ET/PT on Bravo. Returning this season are Captain Sandy Yawn and Season 6's fan favorite Mzi 'Zee' Dempers (Deckhand). New crew members include Chief Stew Natasha Webb, Chef Dave White, Bosun Raygan Tyler, Stews Natalya Scudder and Kyle Viljoen and Deckhands Storm Smith and Jason Gaskell. This season, Captain Sandy brings 163-foot motor yacht "Home" to the pristine waters of Malta, one of the smallest and most historic archipelagos in the world. Different than previous charter seasons, Sandy is working with a complex hybrid vessel making it more unpredictable to navigate. To ensure smooth sailing this year, Sandy brings on a trio of new department heads, but when surprising friction in the galley intensifies between the Chief Stew and Chef, who came onto the boat as colleagues and friends, tension permeates through the entire boat. Meanwhile, the deck team faces an uphill battle when one crew member is unable to adapt to the high demands of Mediterranean superyachting, forcing others to pick up the slack. From difficult charter guests to roller-coaster "boatmances" and challenges with hierarchy on board, these yachties go to unthinkable lengths to survive the charter season.

Season 8 of BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN premiered on Monday, September 25, 2023 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo. Capt. Sandy Yawn and Stews Natalya Scudder and Kyle Viljoen return for the new season, joined by fan-favorite Tumi Mhlongo, who crosses over from BELOW DECK DOWN UNDER as Chief Stew. New crew members include Chef Jack Luby, Bosun Ruan Irving, Deckhands Luka Brunton (BELOW DECK DOWN UNDER), Haleigh Gorman and Lara Du Preez, and Stew Jessika Asai. Set amidst the mesmerizing Italian Riviera and the historic facade of Genoa, Italy, it's all hands on deck this season for Capt. Sandy and her team. From outrageous guests to after-hours antics, the boat gets rocked throughout each charter as the crew navigates complicated dynamics and unexpected rifts. In a franchise first, unprecedented staffing changes dominate the season, which tests each department as they struggle to find their sea legs through unforeseen turnover. Sandy levels up from last season with the 180-foot M/Y Mustique, which challenges her deck crew as they attempt to navigate the busy industrial port with utmost precision. Before they even leave the dock, visa issues tie up two crew members while a department head mismanages important paperwork. Sandy leans on temporary help for the first charter and an unexpected shake-up results in a change of hierarchy. On deck, the crew is overwhelmed by their workload on the oversized vessel as the interior deals with a clash of personalities. Chef Jack wows the guests with his impressive take on local Italian fare, but things start to sour when communication goes south.
The ninth season of BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN premieres with a 75-minute supersized episode on Monday, June 3, 2024 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo. Episodes will be available to stream next day on Peacock. Capt. Sandy Yawn is joined by franchise-favorite Chief Stew Aesha Scott, who returns to the Med where her yachting career began. A familiar face from the last charter of Season 6, Elena Dubaich, returns as one of the two stews alongside newbie Bri Muller. Additional new crew members include Chef Johnathan Shillingford, Bosun Iain Maclean, and Deckhands Joe Bradley, Nathan Gallager and Gael Cameron. The azure waters and ancient ruins of Athens, Greece set the scene as Capt. Sandy returns to steer her team through a season brimming with fresh and formidable challenges. Between eccentric guests, an abundance of late-night demands that require intervention and a never-before-seen mechanical issue that orders all hands on deck, the crew faces tumultuous waves from the start. Back on board the 180-foot M/Y Mustique, a series of initial hurdles sets the crew off on the wrong foot. Amidst a saga of delayed provisions, managing a complicated interior department and a medical emergency, Aesha strives to ensure the guests are treated to a five-star service experience. Chef Jono, a self-taught culinary architect, quickly learns he has high expectations to fill to prove his culinary capabilities to the guests. Meanwhile, the deck crew faces its own hurdles and must learn that communication is key in order to successfully get through the season. This season's boatmances stir up waves of tension as two crewmates find themselves with their sights set on a mutual love interest causing disruptions among departments. A personal relationship also tests a deckhand's budding romance, leading them to make a tough decision. Finally, to round out the season, Capt. Sandy orchestrates the surprise of a lifetime for her partner, Leah, that leaves everyone in tears.


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  • Produced by 51 Minds Entertainment