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Dance Moms

Episode List: Dance Moms

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Date Episode # Title Network Rating Share  (↑) Viewers Watch/Purchase
02/12/2013   Rotten to the Core  Lifetime       
08/14/2012   Revenge of the Candy Apples  Lifetime       
08/07/2012   Break a Leg  Lifetime       
07/24/2012   Guess Who's Back?  Lifetime       
07/17/2012   Worst Birthday Party Ever!  Lifetime       
07/10/2012   How Do You Like Them Apples?  Lifetime       
07/03/2012   Abby's Dance-a-Thon  Lifetime       
06/26/2012   Maddie Has a Secret  Lifetime       
06/19/2012   I Know What You Did Last Competition  Lifetime       
06/12/2012   Night of the Living Dancers  Lifetime       
06/05/2012   The Battle Begins  Lifetime       
08/21/2012   The Recital to End All Recitals  Lifetime       
08/28/2012   New Girl in Town  Lifetime       
09/04/2012   Solo Fever  Lifetime       
02/05/2013   Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties  Lifetime       
01/29/2013   Revenge of the Replacements  Lifetime       
01/22/2013   Liar Liar Dance Mom on Fire!  Lifetime       
01/15/2013   But I'm a National Champion!  Lifetime       
01/08/2013   Out with the Old, In with the New  Lifetime       
01/01/2013   The Smoke Before the Fire  Lifetime       
01/01/2013 03-001  The Beginning of the End  Lifetime       
09/25/2012   Reunion: Off the Dance Floor (Part 2)  Lifetime       
09/18/2012   Reunion: Off the Dance Floor (Part 1)  Lifetime       
09/11/2012   Nationals 90210  Lifetime       
06/05/2012   Abby's Most OMG Moments  Lifetime       
04/03/2012   Abbygeddon  Lifetime       
03/27/2012   Waiting for Joffrey  Lifetime       
09/28/2011   It All Ends Here  Lifetime       
09/14/2011   Cathy Brings It On  Lifetime       
09/07/2011   From Ballerinas to Showgirls  Lifetime       
08/31/2011   Love on the Dance Floor  Lifetime       
08/24/2011   She's a Fighter  Lifetime       
08/17/2011   Dying to Dance  Lifetime       
08/10/2011   When Stars Collide  Lifetime       
08/03/2011   Stealing the Show  Lifetime       
07/27/2011   Cheerleader Blues  Lifetime       
07/20/2011   Wildly Inappropriate  Lifetime       
10/05/2011   There's Only One Star  Lifetime       
10/12/2011   Most Outrageous Moments  Lifetime       
01/10/2012 02-001  Everyone's Replaceable  Lifetime       
03/20/2012   Melissa Pleads the 5th  Lifetime       
03/13/2012   Miami Heat Wave  Lifetime       
03/06/2012   Topless Showgirls  Lifetime       
02/28/2012   The Runaway Mom  Lifetime       
02/21/2012   Bullets and Ballet  Lifetime       
02/14/2012   Wardrobe Malfunction  Lifetime       
02/07/2012   Brooke's Back  Lifetime       
01/31/2012   No One Likes a Bully  Lifetime       
01/24/2012   Brooke's Turning Point  Lifetime       
01/17/2012   Return of the Candy Apples  Lifetime       
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