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Color Splash

Episode List: Color Splash

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06-004  Upscale Beach Cottage Style  HGTV       
06-005  Traditional, Eclectic, Master Bedroom  HGTV       
06-006    HGTV       
06-007  Eclectic Upscale Dining Room  HGTV       
06-008  Eclectic Nature-Inspired Dining Room  HGTV       
06-009  'Modern Hotel' Master Bedroom  HGTV       
06-011  Luxurious Yatch Club Den  HGTV       
06-012  Natural and Industrial Kitchen  HGTV       
03/18/2007 01-001  Bold Red Living Room  HGTV       
03/19/2007 01-002  Classic and Elegant Master Bedroom  HGTV       
03/26/2007 01-003  Asian-Inspired Living Room  HGTV       
04/02/2007 01-004  Mountain Lodge Living Room  HGTV       
04/09/2007 01-005  Nature-Inspired Classic Bedroom  HGTV       
04/16/2007 01-006  Dramatic Dining Room  HGTV       
01/03/2009 05-001  A Rustic Master Bedroom With Wood Paneled Walls and Ceiling  HGTV       
01/10/2009 05-003  Elements of Nature Inspire This Dining Room Makeover  HGTV       
01/17/2009 05-002  Jewel Tones Transform a Desolate Outdoor Space  HGTV       
01/24/2009 05-004  A Guest Bedroom is Transformed in Classic Clubroom Style  HGTV       
01/31/2009 05-009  A Living Room Makeover is Inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement  HGTV       
02/07/2009 05-010  A Modern and Masculine Living Room and Dining Room  HGTV       
02/14/2009 05-007  A Living Room is Transformed in the Classic Hollywood Regency Style  HGTV       
02/21/2009 05-011  A Multi-Functional Family Room With Exotic Influences  HGTV       
02/28/2009 05-005  Bold Industrial Forms and Graphic Designs in a Home Office  HGTV       
03/07/2009 05-006  Light Palette and Rustic Elements Create a Seaside Feel in a Bedroom Makeover  HGTV       
03/14/2009 05-008  Modern Elements With a Little Funk Deliver a Master Bedroom That Pleases Both Husband and Wife  HGTV       
03/21/2009 05-013  Fusing Contemporary and Tribal Styles in a Living/Dining Room  HGTV       
03/28/2009 05-012  High End, Modern Italian Kitchen on a Budget  HGTV       
07/11/2009 06-010  Modern Eclectic Master Bedroom  HGTV       
07/18/2009 06-003  Contemporary Combo Room  HGTV       
08/08/2009   Natural and Industrial Kitchen  HGTV       
08/15/2009   A Dash of Danish Modern  HGTV       
08/22/2009   Upscale Beach Cottage Style  HGTV       
08/29/2009   Mediterranean Patio Makeover  HGTV       
09/05/2009   Traditional, Eclectic Master Bedroom  HGTV       
09/12/2009   Eclectic Upscale Dining Room  HGTV       
09/19/2009   Luxurious Yacht Club Den  HGTV       
09/26/2009   Modern Hotel Master Bedroom  HGTV       
10/03/2009   Eclectic, Natural Dining Room  HGTV       
10/10/2009   Eclectic and Modern Chic Loft  HGTV       
10/17/2009   Mediterranean Great Room  HGTV       
06/13/2010 07-001  Old World Meets Modern Bedroom  HGTV       
06/13/2010 07-002  Contemporary Loft  HGTV       
06/19/2010   Mid-Century Patio & Dining Room  HGTV       
06/27/2010   Traditional Outdoor Patio Inspired by Argentinian Restaurant Novecento  HGTV       
07/10/2010   International Eclective Living/Dining Room  HGTV       
07/17/2010   Modern Deco Living/Dining Room  HGTV       
07/31/2010   Old World Design Meets Modern Living and Dining  HGTV       
08/14/2010   Hotel-Inspired Modern Master Bedroom  HGTV       
10/09/2010   Moroccan Zen Living; Dining Room Inspired by the Davd Barton Gym  HGTV       
10/16/2010   Beachy Elegance  HGTV