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Top 10 Hanukkah Moments on TV

Abe Fried-Tanzer - December 6, 2015


Christmas is right around the corner, but don't forget about Hanukkah, which starts tonight! Even though TV doesn't celebrate the Festival of Lights as often as Christmas, there's still plenty of menorah lighting and dreidel spinning on television. To get ready for Hanukkah this year, TV Tango looked back over the past 25 years and found the ten most entertaining Hanukkah moments and episodes on TV.



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Program: Brothers & Sisters "Light the Lights"

Airdate: December 10, 2006

Paige wants to connect with her Jewish roots so God will listen to her and cure her diabetes. After experiencing Nora's intensely lavish Hanukkah party and finding out that diabetes can't be cured, she decides that Christmas is again her favorite December holiday.


Full video clip.

Program: A Colbert Christmas

Airdate: November 23, 2008

Jon Stewart sings to Stephen Colbert to educate him about Hanukkah.


Program: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Airdate: Multiple

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert try their best to inform their viewers about Hanukkah with this montage of memorable mentions.


Program: Even Stevens "Heck of a Hanukkah"

Airdate: December 1, 2000

After accidentally breaking all of his family's Hanukkah presents, Louis (Shia LaBeouf) is transported to a world where he was never born.


Program: Friends "The One with the Holiday Armadillo"

Airdate: December 14, 2000

Ross wants to teach Ben about Hanukkah, and works with the only costume he's able to find.


Bonus Clip: Phoebe rhymes Monica with Hanukkah in her Holiday Song.


Program: The Nanny "The Hanukkah Story"

Airdate: December 16, 1998

Fran wants to celebrate Hanukkah with Maxwell, and prays for a miracle when he has car trouble while in Boston.


Program: The O.C. "The Best Chrismukkah Ever"

Airdate: December 3, 2003

Seth is determined to merge his Jewish and Christian heritage and help Ryan and his family have the holiday party of a lifetime.


Rugrats "Chanukah" video clip.

Program: Rugrats "Chanukah"

Airdate: December 6, 1996

After hearing that Grandpa Boris didn't get to play King Antiochus in a Chanukah play, the babies mistake the "meaning of Chanukah" and search for the "meany of Chanukah."


Program: Saturday Night Live "John Travolta/Seal"

Airdate: October 15, 1994

Adam Sandler doesn't want to get left out at Christmas time, so he shares his own celebration of the holidays with his Hanukkah song.


Bonus Clip: Neil Diamond covers Sandler's Chanukah song.


Program: South Park "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics"

Airdate: December 1, 1999

Kyle starts singing the Dreidel Song to learn about Hanukkah, but the others mangle the words just a bit.


Bonus Clip: Kyle sings A Jew on Christmas from "Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo" (December 17, 1997).



In 2009, Abe Fried-Tanzer was a student at New York University majoring in cinema studies and journalism. He makes it his priority each year to see every Oscar-nominated film and watch every new television pilot, and writes reviews and awards predictions on his personal movie and TV blogs.