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World's Most Extreme Homes

Episode List: World's Most Extreme Homes

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01-004  Haunted English Country Home; Brazilian Tree House; Junk Decor  HGTV       
01-005  African Lodge; Chile Modular Home; New Zealand Haven  HGTV       
01-006  French Dome; Australian Plains; British Banquet Hall  HGTV       
01-007  Swedish Cabin; Brazilian Soccer Ball; Australian Glass House  HGTV       
01-008  Netherlands Lighthouse; Casa Dos Estrellas; New Zealand Mud House  HGTV       
01-009  Welsh Lighthouse; Subterranean in Mexico; Skinny in Amsterdam  HGTV       
01-010  Merry Olde Water Tower; Tanks for the Home; Rotating House  HGTV       
01-011  New Zealand Beach Cliff; South Africa Retreat; British Fort  HGTV       
01-012  Notting Hill Minimalist; South Africa Lodge; Netherlands Castle  HGTV       
01-013  German Castle; Chilean Beach House; New Zealand  HGTV       
02-001  Scotland Water Tower; Ireland Church; South Africa Beach House  HGTV       
02-002  London Church; Cape Town Tree House; French Curved Wood House  HGTV       
02-003  Dutch Windmill; Australian Creation; British Mansion  HGTV       
02-004  Belgium Barge; Boinga Bob's Tree House; Victorian Tank  HGTV       
02-005  Finland Suspended House; Chile Mountain Retreat; England Tugboat  HGTV       
02-006  Victorian Water Tower; Sydney Spaceship; New Zealand Island Retreat  HGTV       
02-007  Modern English Castle; Wide-Open in Australia; South Africa Minimalist  HGTV       
02-008  Scottish Castle; Austrian Glass House; British Sci-Fi House  HGTV       
02-009  French Retro; Brazilian Rainforest; British Cob Home  HGTV       
02-010  English Crescent House; Mexican Shark House; New Zealand Mud Castle  HGTV       
02-011  Swiss Water Palace; London Compact Home; Minimalist South Africa Home  HGTV       
02-012  Castello Brolio  HGTV       
02-013  English Woodsman's House; Austrian Chalet; Spanish Cave  HGTV       
03-001  Bali Stilt House, Norwegian Mobile Mansion, Mexican Shell House  HGTV       
03-002  Belgium Barge, Australia Glass House, India Royal Heirloom  HGTV       
03-003  Recycled Costa Rica Beach House, Bahamas Retreat, Contemporary Dutch Windmill  HGTV       
03-004  Mexico Fantasy House, Tiny Swiss Mountain House, Open Air in Brazil  HGTV       
03-005  French Dome Home, France Dome Home, Australian Shiny Box, India Art House  HGTV       
03-006  Thailand Bamboo House, Austrian Industrial House, India Triangle House  HGTV       
03-007  Costa Rica Tree House  HGTV       
03-008  Mexican Water Tower, Tyrolean Chalet, Brazilian Ball Home  HGTV       
03-009  Indonesian Energy House, Australian Fire Truck Motor Home, Brazilian Cliff House  HGTV       
03-010  Swiss Circle House, Grenada Tropical Home, Thai Ship House  HGTV       
03-011  German Hilltop Tower, Australian Outback Music Home, Swiss Mosaic House  HGTV       
03-012  Surreal Mexican Sculpture House, Modern Austrian Home, British Railway Cottage  HGTV       
03-013  Swedish Lighthouse, Tasmanian Geodesic Home, Canadian Recycle Car House  HGTV       
04-001  German Eco House, Australian Beach House, English Train Station  HGTV       
04-002  Swedish Rock Home, Chameleon House, Canadian Mushroom House  HGTV       
04-003  Canadian Tree Sphere, Recycled House, Martello Towers  HGTV       
04-004  India Mud Hut, Greneda Grotto Glamour, Karuizawa House  HGTV       
04-005  India Director's Home, French Alpine Chalet, Canadian Island Home  HGTV       
04-006  Canadian Underground Home, Casa Los Andes, Miso Barrel One  HGTV       
04-007  British Straw Bale Home, Mexican Mediterranean, Montreal Balloon Factory  HGTV       
04-008  British Glass House, Malaysian Timber Triangle, Kenyan Organic House  HGTV       
04-009  Bali Open-Air Home, Australia Hideaway, Canadian Fantasy Home  HGTV       
04-010  Japanese Y House, Jamaican Dome, Canadian Tire Home  HGTV       
04-011  South Africa Fantasy Home  HGTV       
01/09/2006 01-001  Whale House; Windmill; Darwin House  HGTV       
01/16/2006 01-002  Holland Houseboat; Brazilian Box; New Zealand Earth House  HGTV       
01/23/2006 01-003  Towering Cottage; Very Down Under; Hilltop Home  HGTV       
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