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Wild Justice

Episode List: Wild Justice

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
11/28/2010 01-001  Thrill Killer  Nat Geo       
11/28/2010 01-002  Marijuana Mountains  Nat Geo       
12/01/2010 01-003  Outgunned  Nat Geo       
12/08/2010   Deer Meat for Meth  Nat Geo       
12/15/2010   Felony Friday  Nat Geo       
12/22/2010   Piranha Crackdown  Nat Geo       
01/05/2011   Pig Stalkers  Nat Geo       
01/12/2011   Night Patrol  Nat Geo       
01/19/2011   Outlaw Hunters  Nat Geo       
01/26/2011   Born to Kill  Nat Geo       
02/02/2011   Gold Diggers  Nat Geo       
03/11/2012   Shooting Spree  Nat Geo       
03/11/2012 02-001  Caught Red-Handed  Nat Geo       
03/18/2012   Killing for Cash  Nat Geo       
03/25/2012   Mile High Marijuana  Nat Geo       
04/01/2012   Gold Fever  Nat Geo       
04/16/2012   Quicksand!  Nat Geo       
04/23/2012   Poacher Compound  Nat Geo       
05/07/2012   Gator Invader  Nat Geo       
05/14/2012   Snake Shakedown  Nat Geo       
05/21/2012   California 911  Nat Geo       
06/04/2012   Operation Imposter  Nat Geo       
06/18/2012   Boozin' & Snoozin'  Nat Geo       
06/25/2012   Bear-ly Legal  Nat Geo       
07/02/2012   Meth Madness  Nat Geo       
07/09/2012   Undercover Cat  Nat Geo       
07/16/2012   Hooked on Poaching  Nat Geo       
07/23/2012   Fish & Meth  Nat Geo       
08/13/2012   Bear Scare  Nat Geo       
08/20/2012   Later, Baiter  Nat Geo       
08/27/2012   Hike from Hell  Nat Geo       
03/01/2013   Bear Bait  Nat Geo Wild       
03/01/2013   Lion Stalker  Nat Geo Wild       
03/08/2013   Robo-Deer  Nat Geo Wild       
03/08/2013   Stuck in the Mud  Nat Geo Wild       
03/15/2013   Poached Pig  Nat Geo Wild       
03/15/2013   Wild Cutdown  Nat Geo Wild       
03/22/2013   Hard Drive  Nat Geo Wild       
03/22/2013   Wild Cutdown  Nat Geo Wild       
03/29/2013   Bobcat Bandit  Nat Geo Wild       
03/29/2013   Got Crabs!  Nat Geo Wild       
04/05/2013   Catch Me If You Can  Nat Geo Wild       
04/05/2013   Later, Gator  Nat Geo Wild       
04/12/2013   Duck, Duck, Busted  Nat Geo Wild       
04/12/2013   Four Feet Under  Nat Geo Wild       
04/19/2013   Dolphin Down  Nat Geo Wild       
04/19/2013   Down the Rabbit Hole  Nat Geo Wild       
04/26/2013   Click, Click, Boom!  Nat Geo Wild       
05/03/2013   Lobster Mobster  Nat Geo Wild       
05/03/2013   The Snake Wrangler  Nat Geo Wild       
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