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When Vacations Attack!

Episode List: When Vacations Attack!

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
11/28/2010 01-001    Travel       
12/05/2010 01-002    Travel       
12/19/2010 01-003    Travel       
01/02/2011 01-005    Travel       
01/09/2011     Travel       
01/16/2011     Travel       
01/23/2011     Travel       
01/30/2011   Minivan Flips and Catches Fire, Trapping a Child Inside  Travel       
02/13/2011   Locked in the Ancient Ram Inn  Travel       
03/06/2011 01-011  7 person world-record bungee jump goes horribly wrong  Travel       
03/13/2011 01-012  Raging Bull Escapes from Rodeo  Travel       
11/06/2011     Travel       
11/13/2011   Diamondback Rattlesnake Interrupts a Couple's Romantic Getaway in the Arizona Desert  Travel       
11/20/2011   The Crash of US Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson River on Jan. 15, 2009  Travel       
11/27/2011   A Man Rolls His Vehicle 60 Feet Down a Mountain  Travel       
12/04/2011   A Lion Attacks a TV Host  Travel       
12/11/2011   A Skier Gets Tackled by an Avalanche  Travel       
12/18/2011     Travel       
01/01/2012   Running with the bulls turns tragic; a paraglider pilot crashes; a calf stuck on thin ice  Travel       
01/05/2012   Escape artists catch fire; a monkey bites a boy; two fishermen are stranded on a life raft when their boat and captain sink.  Travel       
01/12/2012   A snowboarder falls into a tree well; a rope swing spells disaster for one man; a fisherman's son is stabbed by a marlin.  Travel       
01/19/2012   A couple gets hit by a huge wave; an overturned tanker truck traps a woman in her car; a pregnant skydiver crashes.  Travel       
01/26/2012   A Small Plane Crashes into a Lake in Michigan  Travel       
03/06/2012 02-001    Travel       
03/13/2012   Heart-Attack Victim; Skier Crashes Into Tree; Gator Gets Too Close  Travel       
03/20/2012   Skier Gets Caught in an Avalanche  Travel       
03/27/2012   Divers are trapped inside a shark cage with a great white; two men collide on the slopes of the Swiss Alps; a fall into unknown watery fate.  Travel       
04/15/2012   A Couple Watch in Horror as a Woman Dives into a Polar-Bear Habitat at the Zoo  Travel       
04/22/2012     Travel       
04/29/2012   Professional Alligator Wrestler Gets Attacked  Travel       
05/06/2012   Bungee Jumper's Cord Snaps  Travel       
05/20/2012   A Fisherman Gets Hit by a Shark While Trying to Remove a Hook from Its Mouth  Travel       
05/27/2012   A Circus Motorcycle Stunt Ends Disastrously  Travel       
06/03/2012     Travel