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The Very VERY Best of the '70s

The Very VERY Best of the '70s

  • Premiered: 
    May 16, 2019
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  • Network: AXS TV
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Countdown
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
  • Subject Matter: Entertainment
  • Tags: celebrity

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Plot Synopsis

Executive produced by Katie Daryl, each half-hour episode of THE VERY VERY BEST OF THE '70S focuses on a different topic about the 1970s -- everything from action TV shows and sci-fi films to stand-up comedians, TV Moms, and amazing toys -- while experts count down the best of the best with help from the most famous faces of '70s entertainment, including Morgan Fairchild, Anson Williams, Catherine Bach, George Wallace, Sebastian Bach, Bob Eubanks, Mindy Cohn, Barry Williams, Fred Willard, Scott Patrick, Brian McDaniel, Michael Winslow, Dee Wallace, David Chokachi, and more.

The series opener, "Action TV Shows," ranks favorite action TV shows of the '70s. From car jumps to explosions, this episode will have viewers' hearts pumping as it looks back at these fast-paced shows of the 1970s. Find out which '70s action TV shows made the list as Morgan Fairchild, Catherine Bach, Fred Willard and more reveal their opinions!

"Teen Flicks" (Thursday, May 23, 2019): From slapstick to romance, these movies had every teenager flocking to theaters especially one of the most famous movies of the era, National Lampoon's Animal House! This outrageous film and its wild content crossed the line more than once, and was clearly written specifically for a teenage audience. With Barry Williams, Sebastian Bach, Anson Williams, David Chokachi, Ben Mankiewicz, Todd Bridges, Pete Giovine, Mark Steines, Jaleel White, Dax Holt and Catherine Bach, who rate the top teen flicks.

"Stand-Up Comedians" (Thursday, May 30, 2019): This week's episode talks about the comedians that had you belly laughing all night long! From subtle jokes to raunchy ones, these jokesters will have you rolling in laughter. In this sneak peek, we pay homage to one of the greatest, Rodney Dangerfield! Rodney is known for his witty and outrageous one-liners that made him one of the best comedians of the era. Join us Thursday as George Wallace, Fred Willard, Michael Winslow, and more 70s experts give us their opinions on the top ten stand-up comedians.

"Sci-Fi Movies" (Thursday, June 6, 2019): From robots to aliens, these futuristic films gave audiences of the '70s the chills. Find out which sci-fi movies of the '70s made the list as Jaleel White, Morgan Fairchild, Dee Wallace, and more experts give their opinions.

"Amazing Toys" (Thursday, June 13, 2019): From silly to groundbreaking -- including frustrating games like Simon -- these playthings provided hours of fun for the whole family. Find out which amazing toys of the 70s made the list, as Mindy Cohn, Sebastian Bach and Todd Bridges give their opinions.

"TV Moms" (Thursday, June 20, 2019): From tough love to sympathetic, these lovely ladies made everyone long for a hug -- including, the independent, sometimes controversial yet hilarious mom, Maude. Find out which '70s TV moms made the list as Barry Williams, Jimmie Walker and Catherine Bach give their opinions.

"Epic Movies of '75" (Thursday, June 27, 2019): From dramas to action flicks, this episode runs down the movies from 1975 that left an impact and still has people talking today. Find out which epic movies of '75 made the list as Bob Eubanks, Anson Williams and Elisabeth Rohm give their opinions! Besides MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL, what other movies made the list?

"Sexy Sirens" (Thursday, July 11, 2019): The mid-season finale counts down through the sexiest sirens of the era! From darling to sultry, these lovely ladies had pulses racing throughout the decade. In this episode the 70s experts remember the one and only, Oliva Newton-John, revealing why she almost turned down the role of Sandra Dee in GREASE. Which other sexy stars made the list? Find out when Todd Bridges, Chris Booker, Morgan Fairchild, Ben Mankiewicz, Catherine Bach, George Wallace, Mark Steines, Mindy Cohn, Dax Holt, David Chokachi and Pete Giovine give their opinions.

AXS TV premiered the second half of THE VERY VERY BEST OF THE '70s with eight all-new episodes on Thursday, September 12 at 8:30pm EE/5:30pm PT. Every week is a celebration of all things '70s, examining the major pop culture moments that made the era so memorable. Season One's second-half will take a look a nostalgic look at the decade's classic "Game Shows," several of which are still airing and popular today. The season keeps on truckin' with a far-out look at the '70s most ace "Catchphrases." Then, fall in love all over again with the decade's hottest "Celebrity Couples"; go on the lam with a recap of the '70s top "Crime Movies"; and settle in for an evening of action and intrigue examining "Epic Movies Of '72"; followed by a sidesplitting send-up of "Early '70s Sitcoms." The season comes to a close on Halloween night with a killer finale scaring up the groundbreaking "Horror Movies" that defined the decade and left an indelible mark on the genre. "The '70s were such an incredible time packed with some of the greatest movies, larger-than-life personas, and groundbreaking series in entertainment history," Katie Daryl said. "We have an absolute blast every week as we look back at those enduring icons that made the decade so memorable, and I think that really resonates with our viewers. I'm excited to keep the celebration going when we return in September"

From cash prizes to sing-alongs, the mid-season premiere, "Game Shows" (Thursday, September 12), will have your heart pumping as the clock is ticking while the episode looks back at these fast-paced game shows of the 70s. Find out which 70s game shows made the list as Bob Eubanks, Anson Williams, Catherine Bach and George Wallace give their opinions!

"Crime Movies" (Thursday, September 19, 2019): From fraud to mobsters, these movies had audiences of the 70s flocking to theaters. In the words of one of the experts, "Stanley Kubrick's head has to be like a person on too much acid." A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, a dystopian crime film, rattled audiences across the world with disturbing images and the "ultra-violence." Find out which 70s crime movies made the list as Morgan Fairchild, Fred Willard, Anson Williams, John Schneider, and more give their opinions!

"Early 70s Sitcoms" (Thursday, September 26, 2019): From light-hearted to insightful, these lovable shows had households tuned in. Find out which early '70s sitcoms made the list, as Barry Williams, Marion Ross, Marilu Henner, and more share their opinions!

"Celebrity Couples" (Thursday, October 3, 2019): From drama to romance, these couples had everyone mesmerized. Find out which celebrity couples of the 70s made the list as Morgan Fairchild, Todd Bridges, Mindy Cohn, and more give their opinions. In this episode, the experts talk about one of the decades most confusing couples: Cher and Gregg Allman. Their roller-coaster romance started just days after Cher's divorce from Sonny, then Cher filed for divorce from Gregg nine days later...only to reunite the next month.

"Epic Movies of '72" (Thursday, October 10, 2019): From dramatic to groundbreaking, these movies captivated audiences. Robert Redford teamed up with director Michael Ritchie in this timeless classic, THE CANDIDATE, which leaves viewers wondering how it's possible for Redford's acting to be just as impressive as his stunning good looks. This thought-provoking film from 1972 offers a look into the campaign trail of a decent man that internally struggles with his ambition vs. the innate sense of right and wrong. The show's '70s experts break down the reasons why this movie was so culturally significant at the time and how it is still relevant to politics of today. In addition, find out which other epic movies of '72 made the list as Morgan Fairchild, Joely Fisher, Anson Williams, and more give their opinions!

"Catchphrases" (Thursday, October 17, 2019): From slapstick to sassy, these catchphrases still have everyone talking. It started out as a typo, but ended up becoming one of the most recognizable quotes from a TV series EVER. When Gary Coleman first uttered the words "what choo talkin' 'bout Willis?" on DIFF'RENT STROKES, it got an immediate laugh. From then on out, the writers of the show found any break during the show they could to fit in the iconic line. What other catchphrases from the '70s made the list? Find out, as Marion Ross, Anson Williams, Jaleel White, and more, give their opinions!

"Cartoons" (Thursday, October 24, 2019): Your favorite cartoon will always hold a special place in your heart and take you back to a simpler time. From the silly to the educational, this Thursday the program counts down all of the best cartoons from the 1970s, including the cartoon that helped us learn what a conjunction was and how a bill got passed, Schoolhouse Rock! The iconic songs are still stuck in our heads and still come in handy forty years later. Find out which other cartoons from the 70s make the list.
Tonight (Thursday, October 31, 2019) at 8pm ET/5pm PT, AXS TV premieres "Horror Films," a new episode of THE VERY VERY BEST OF THE 70s. From gory to heart-stopping, these films had pulses racing. On Halloween Night, this episode celebrates the spooky holiday by counting down the top '70s horror films. One film has been haunting audiences for over 40 years: THE EXORCIST. When it was released scary movie lovers waited for hours to finally get into the the theater to see it. However, some of them left vomiting, fainting, and reportedly, some even had heart attacks. Which other films made the list? Catherine Bach, George Wallace, Morgan Fairchild, Anson Williams, and more give their opinions!