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Strike Back

Strike Back

Photo Credit:  Cinemax
  • Premiered: 
    May 5, 2010
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  • Network: Sky1
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Drama
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    Based on the 2007 book (Strike Back) by Chris Ryan 
  • Subject Matter: Adventure
  • Tags:

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Plot Synopsis

Britain's Section 20, an elite military black ops unit in the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), fights terrorism around the globe by deploying the best operatives from the United Kingdom and the United States. In the six-episode first season (called STRIKE BACK: ORIGINS in the U.S., which Cinemax aired late Fall 2013), John Porter, a former Special Air Service Sergeant in the British Army, has three separate missions: to rescue British journalist Katie Dartmouth, who was kidnapped outside Basra, Iraq; to travel to Zimbabwe and break out a prisoner who was accused as the shooter in an assassination plot of Robert Mugabe; and locate a computer hacker who is responsible for killing American troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan. At the start of the second season (called the first season in the US), Porter is kidnapped by Pakistani terrorist Latif, who can only be identified by two people in the world -- Porter and Damien Scott, a former operative in Delta Force, the United States Army's elite counterterrorist unit. The Section 20 team, with Scott and by-the-book Sgt. Michael Stonebridge, sets up a covert surveillance operation in New Delhi, where they uncover hidden messages in one of Porter's hostage transmissions, warning of Project Dawn, a planned terror attack at a hotel in India. The third season (known as Season 2 in the US) begins with Scott sent to retrieve a British diplomat and junior attache when they are kidnapped by militants loyal to notorious Somali warlord Huseyin Waabri. Now out of the unit, Stonebridge is training recruits at a military base, staying close to home and being a dutiful husband. When Scott's mission takes an unexpected dangerous turn, Section 20 must find an immediate creative solution. In the fourth season (called Season 3 in the US), the team tracks the elusive terrorist al-Zuhari and his well-financed drug cartel partners as they target European and American interests, both at home and abroad, including Section 20 itself. Even though Cinemax didn't initially show the first season of STRIKE BACK, the network aired the world premiere of the second season on Friday, August 12, 2011 at 10pm ET, just nine days before Sky1 first showed the return of the series to UK television on Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 10pm. The 10-episode Season 4 (called Season 3 in the US) premiered on Cinemax on Friday, August 9, 2013 at 10pm ET/PT with new cast members: Robson Green as Col. Philip Locke; Dougray Scott as rogue operative James Leatherby; Milauna Jackson as Kim Martinez, a key player who crosses paths with the counterterrorism team; and Zubin Varla as mysterious person of interest Leo Kamali. One week after it showed the season finale of U.S. Season 3, Cinemax debuted STRIKE BACK: ORIGINS, the six-episode first season of the series, which previously aired in the UK in 2010. STRIKE BACK returned for its fifth season (called Season 4 in the US) on Cinemax on Friday, July 31, 2015 at 10pm ET/PT, with Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton continuing to star. When Michael Stonebridge and Damien Scott of the elite British intelligence undercover unit Section 20 set out to crack a missing-persons case in Bangkok, they quickly realize that what seems to be a simple kidnapping is actually the first step in a massive terrorist plot with global implications. Stonebridge, Scott and the rest of their team soon find themselves crisscrossing Asia and Europe as they battle Japanese Yakuza, Russian Mafia, cyberterrorists, elite mercenaries and other deadly forces. Also returning are Robson Green, Michelle Lukes and Milauna Jackson, who are joined by new cast members: Michelle Yeoh, Dustin Clare, Will Yun Lee, James Wilby, Adrian Paul, Joseph Gatt, Christian Antidormi, British mixed martial arts champion and UFC fighter Michael Bisping, Michael McElhatton, Max Beesley, Tim McInnerny, Leo Gregory, Mark Griffin, Wolf Kahler, Andrew Pleavin, Eliza Hope Bennett and Masa Yamaguchi. Cinemax aired the premiere of the sixth season of STRIKE BACK (called Season 5 in the US) -- now called STRIKE BACK: RETRIBUTION -- beginning Friday, February 2, 2018 at 10pm ET/PT with an all-new cast portraying members of the revived Section 20, facing new threats and new enemies. In the season opener, members of Section 20 are called back into action when a new threat puts the world in danger. Stars in the new season include Warren Brown, Daniel MacPherson, Roxanne McKee and Alin Sumarwata.
STRIKE BACK kicks off its seventh season (called Season 6 in the US) on Friday, January 25, 2019 from 10-11pm ET/PT on Cinemax. Shot entirely in Malaysia, the new season features returning stars Warren Brown, Daniel MacPherson and Alin Sumarwata, along with new cast members Jamie Bamber and Yasemin Allen. When a Russian bomber crashes in the South China Sea, the covert special-ops soldiers of Section 20 -- Thomas "Mac" McAllister (Warren Brown), Samuel Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson) and Gracie Novin (Alin Sumarwata) -- are sent to investigate. There, they cross paths with Katrina Zarkova (Yasemin Allen), a rogue Russian operative with questionable loyalties. Under orders of the new commanding officer, Col. Alexander Coltrane (Jamie Bamber), Section 20 pursues stolen contents of the Russian jet across Southeast Asia. They will work alongside the Malaysian police to shut down a Triad gang in Kuala Lumpur, uncover a corrupt plot by a wealthy Indian businesswoman running for Parliament and plunge into the jungles of the Golden Triangle in Myanmar, facing off against mercenary drug agents and terrifying warlords as they uncover a conspiracy that threatens to push the world to the brink of global conflict.

Episodes include:

Season 7, episode 1 (Debut date: Friday, January 25 @ 10-11pm ET/PT): Six months after their last mission, three members of the British special-ops team Section 20 -- Gracie Novin (Alin Sumarwata), Samuel Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson) and Thomas "Mac" McAllister (Warren Brown) -- reunite for what they think is a routine "cleanup" exercise in Malaysia. Things get complicated when their new commanding officer, borderline burn-out Alexander Coltrane (Jamie Bamber), learns that a British operative, in possession of intel about a downed Russian plane, has been killed in Kuala Lumpur after meeting with Katrina Zarkova (Yasemin Allen), a covert Russian operative. The trail leads Wyatt, Mac and Novin to a Russian safehouse, where Katrina and her team of Russian soldiers are attempting to track a mysterious "package" stolen from the plane, which crashed into the ocean under suspicious circumstances. The confrontation turns bloody when members of a brutal Malaysian triad arrive, setting off a chain of dangerous encounters in the skies and skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur.

Season 7, episode 2 (Debut date: Friday, February 1 @ 10-11pm): Section 20 forges an uneasy alliance with Zarkova (Yasemin Allen) in hopes of tracking down a stolen nuclear warhead in Kuala Lumpur. The group is frustrated when Police Inspector Amy Leong (Ann Truong), who has connections to triad leader Godfather Kim (Lim Teik Leong) and his henchman Laoshu (Tom Wu), pulls them off the job after a false alarm. High Commander McKitterick (Adrian Edmondson) finds himself in an untenable dilemma, while Novin (Alin Sumarwata) defies Coltrane's (Jamie Bamber) orders to settle a score.

Season 7, episode 3 (Debut date: Friday, February 8 @ 10-11pm): Section 20's search for the missing nuclear warhead leads them to Goa, India, where three scientists have been kidnapped by Gopan (Rudi Dharmalingam), a militant under orders from a mysterious "kingfisher." When one of the scientists escapes, the team catches up to him and his daughter (Pallavi Sharda), gaining valuable intel on Anjali Vartak (Shivani Ghai), a rich Hindu with a personal vendetta against Muslims. S20 infiltrates a suspicious fundraiser as Coltrane (Jamie Bamber) and new S20 computer whiz Olivia Chetri (Varada Sethu) deal with a breach in security.

Season 7, episode 4 (Debut date: Friday, February 15 @ 10-11pm): As Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson) is tortured by Vartak's (Shivani Ghai) henchmen, Mac (Warren Brown) presses her corrupt lawyer to hand over an encrypted hard drive that might hold clues to the whereabouts of a pair of "nuclear suitcases." After being sorely tested in a deadly hostage standoff at an office building, the team is forced to lean on Zarkova (Yasemin Allen) to commandeer high-end Russian technology, crack the encryption code and make a final foray to a secret hideout, where Vartak, Gopan (Rudi Dharmalingam) and the nuclear packages await.

Season 7, episode 5 (Debut date: Friday, February 22 @ 10-11pm): Following a high-speed jungle ambush in Myanmar, the suitcase nukes end up in the hands of Jean-Baptiste Zaza (Chris Obi), a brutal Rwandan drug lord with a jealous streak. Even as they continue to suspect Zarkova's motives, Section 20 journeys to the Punchan Province and connects with Lauren Gillespie (Victoria Smurfit), a DEA agent with inside intel on Zaza and Dagon (Fish Chaar), his second in command. With the suitcase on the verge of being sold to a jihadist, Coltrane (Jamie Bamber) tasks Novin (Alin Sumarwata) with impersonating the buyer in order to ascertain the WMD's location. Meanwhile, Colonel Beshnov (Marek Vasut), the Russian Alpha Group leader, surprises Pavel (Alec Newman) with a revelation about Zarkova (Yasemin Allen).

Season 7, episode 6 (Debut date: Friday, March 1 @ 10-11pm): After ditching the seaplane they hijacked, Novin (Alin Sumarwata) and Zarkova (Yasemin Allen) find themselves at the mercy of corrupt police, while Mac (Warren Brown) and Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson) take temporary refuge in a local village. Coltrane (Jamie Bamber) finally learns the location of the suitcase nukes, but the revelation comes at a high price. Finally, Section 20 tracks down Zaza (Chris Obi) and the nukes -- as well as an unexpected interloper -- in a remote compound, and all hell breaks loose. Expecting the worst, Wyatt makes a call back home, while Pavel (Alec Newman) forces Zarkova to come to terms with what happened to Alpha Group.

Season 7, episode 7 (Debut date: Friday, March 8 @ 10-11pm): As Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson) convalesces, Coltrane (Jamie Bamber), Mac (Warren Brown) and Novin (Alin Sumarwata) embark on a covert, 24-hour mission inside Russia to extract an FSB analyst with potentially vital information. Zarkova (Yasemin Allen) questions Pavel's (Alec Newman) true identity, but chooses to stand by her commanding officer. Tracking Hassan (Faizal Hussein) to an outpost in the Indonesian jungle, Section 20 ends up facing off with Pavel and Zarkova, as Chetri (Varada Sethu) zeros in on the nuclear suitcase in a Jakarta mall.

Season 7, episode 8 (Debut date: Friday, March 15 @ 10-11pm): Coltrane (Jamie Bamber) defends his decision to go rogue with S20. After tailing Hassan (Faizal Hussein) and the nuclear suitcase to a deserted shopping mall in Jakarta, Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson) and Novin (Alin Sumarwata) face down threats from Komodo soldiers and, later, Colonel Aldo (Naeim Ghalili) and his insurgents. As Katrina (Yasemin Allen) weighs her allegiances, Pavel (Alec Newman) resets the parameters of the Russian plans to overthrow the Indonesian government.

Season 7, episode 9 (Debut date: Friday, March 22 @ 10-11pm): In pursuit of Pavel (Alec Newman), Section 20 clashes with two other Russian renegades, Natasha Petrenko (Marama Corlett) and Artem Orlov (Alex Waldmann), as they attempt to purchase sophisticated software designed to short-circuit a ghost satellite containing precious cargo. After a brief respite with his wife, Madison (Kelly B. Jones), Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson) takes a temporary security job working for Caleb Montgomery (Giles Matthey), an obnoxious military-tech tycoon, but soon finds himself thrust back into the danger zone.

Season 7, episode 10, SEASON FINALE (Debut date: Friday, March 29 @ 10-11pm): Section 20 faces an ultimate dilemma as it battles Pavel (Alec Newman) and his team of Russian turncoats for keys to Soviet-era missiles thought to have been destroyed years earlier. The conflict takes S20 from a remote village in the Philippines to Saloglu, Azerbaijan, where three long-range missiles are ready to be fired on major cities in the West. Can the team stop Pavel and save the world from Armageddon?


Other Titles

  • Season 1 title in UK Chris Ryan's Strike Back
  • Season 1 title in US: Strike Back: Origins
  • Season 2 title in UK: Strike Back: Project Dawn
  • Season 3 title in UK: Strike Back: Vengeance
  • Season 4 title in UK: Strike Back: Shadow Warfare
  • Season 5 title in UK: Strike Back: Legacy
  • Season 6 title in UK: Strike Back: Retribution
  • Season 7 title in UK: Strike Back: Revolution

Production & Distribution

  • Produced by Left Bank Pictures