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The Proof Is Out There

Episode List: The Proof Is Out There

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02/03/2023   Crocodile Monster, Tiktok USO, and Ghost Dog Collar Removal  History       
02/11/2022   Bigfoot's Death Cry and Bird on Mars  History       
01/28/2022   UFO Window Seat and Lost Underwater City  History       
01/28/2022   UFO on Fire and Dinosaur on the Beach  History       
01/21/2022   Land UFO and Superhuman Strength  History       
01/21/2022   Mysterious Sky Moans and Dragon Sighting  History       
01/14/2022   UFO Eruption and Alien Spheres  History       
01/14/2022   The London Serpent and Moon UFOS  History       
01/07/2022   Birdzilla & New Montauk Monster  History       
01/07/2022   Mutant Mummy & Alien Monolith  History       
12/17/2021   Lough Foyle Monster; NYC Glowing Orbs  History       
02/18/2022   The Nightcrawler and the Beast in the Tree  History       
02/25/2022   The Creeping Horror and Viral Car Jumpers  History       
01/20/2023   Panama UFO Disc, Bloody Red Sea, and the Dyatlov Pass Incident  History       
01/13/2023   Hook Island Monster, Skydiver's Plane Stall, and Somalia Freighter Phantom  History       
01/06/2023   Witch's Broomstick, UFOs vs. Volcanoes, and Oakville Blobs  History       
11/18/2022   ISS UFO Swarm, Yale Lake Leaf Monster, and Rat King  History       
11/04/2022   Marble Mountain Bigfoot, Waldek Mine Whispers, and UFO Buzzes Jet  History       
10/28/2022   Bigfoot Photobombs Eagle's Nest, Mexican Blackbirds Dive to Their Death, and Human Faced Fish  History       
10/21/2022   Aswang, Crashed on Mars, and Giant Wolves  History       
10/14/2022   Modern Day Dinosaur Sighting, Mysterious Lights Above Norway and Girl Punches Down Tree  History       
10/07/2022 03-001  Modern Day Dinosaur Sighting, Mysterious Lights Above Norway and Girl Punches Down Tree  History       
03/04/2022   Ancient Alien Carvings and Bigfoot 'Shrooms  History       
12/10/2021   Snakelike Sea Monster; North Korean Supersoldier  History       
12/10/2021   Yeti Sighting; Italian UFO  History       
12/03/2021   Bigfoot Revealed  History       
09/17/2021 02-001  UFOs Caught on Camera  History       
02/05/2021   Ancient Sounds and Moon Mounds  History       
02/02/2021   Flying Orbs and Freakish Fish  History       
01/29/2021   Giant Blobs and Backyard Bigfoot  History       
01/26/2021   Mystery Hum and Mayans on Mars  History       
01/19/2021   Weeping Mary and the Montana Alien  History       
01/19/2021   Deep Sea Sounds and Phantom Ships  History       
01/12/2021   Giant Serpents and Tiny Goblins  History       
01/12/2021   Alien Orbs and Lightning Balls  History       
01/05/2021 01-002  Escape From Monkey Island  History       
09/24/2021   Strange Frequencies and Water Dragons  History       
09/24/2021   Dog Headed Man and Summoning Spaceships  History       
10/29/2021   Apocalyptic Lights & Baby Sharkman  History       
10/29/2021   Wichita UFO & Booming Sea Sound  History       
10/22/2021   Sasquatch Sounds & Undersea Alien  History       
10/22/2021   Alaskan Sea Monster & Mystery Jungle Jet  History       
10/15/2021   Jetpack Man & Alien Ocean Egg  History       
10/15/2021   Apocalyptic Lights & Baby Sharkman  History       
10/08/2021   Two-Headed Serpent & Mummified Monster  History       
10/08/2021   Solar Spaceship & Invisibility Cloak  History       
10/01/2021   Real Excalibur & Texas Teleportation  History       
10/01/2021   Malaysian Toilet Monster & The Buzzer  History       
01/05/2021 01-001  Lost Tribes and Levitating Humans  History