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Myth Hunters

Episode List: Myth Hunters

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
10/26/2012 01-001    Yesterday       
12/19/2013 01-001  Hitler and the Spear of Destiny  Military       
12/26/2013   Himmler and the Holy Grail  Military       
01/02/2014   The Nazis and the Book of Power  Military       
01/09/2014   The Real King Solomon's Mines  Military       
01/16/2014   The Quest for the True Cross  Military       
01/23/2014   The Lost City of El Dorado  Military       
01/30/2014   Raider Ron and the Lost Ark  Military       
02/06/2014   The Missing Eight Wonders of the World  Military       
04/20/2014 02-001  The Hunt for the Garden of Eden  AHC       
04/27/2014   The Secret of Superstition Mountain  AHC       
05/04/2014   The Curse of Montezuma's Gold  H2       
05/11/2014   The Search for Our Lady of Atocha  AHC       
05/18/2014   The Search for King Arthur's Bones  AHC       
05/25/2014   The Lost Library of Ivan the Terrible  AHC       
06/01/2014   The Nazi Hunt for Atlantis  AHC       
06/08/2014   The Relics of Joan of Arc  AHC       
06/15/2014   The Quest for the Minotaur's Labyrinth  AHC       
06/22/2014   The Legend of Kruger's Millions  AHC       
06/29/2014   The Lost Jewels of Helen of Troy  AHC       
07/06/2014   The Secret Within the Dead Sea Scroll  AHC       
07/13/2014   The Shogun's Lost Treasure  AHC       
12/19/2014 03-001  Yamashita's Gold  AHC       
12/26/2014   The Veil of Veronica  AHC       
01/02/2015   The Lost Ship of the Mojave Desert  AHC       
01/09/2015   The Mystery of the Spider Rocks  AHC       
01/16/2015   The Search for Nazi Gold  AHC       
01/23/2015   The Curse of Treasure Mountain  AHC       
01/30/2015   The Men Who Found the Maya  AHC       
02/06/2015   The Pirate Treasure of Cocos Island  AHC       
04/19/2015   The Chalice of Valencia  AHC       
04/26/2015   The Holy Grail and Royal Blood  AHC       
05/03/2015   The Search for Machu Picchu  AHC       
05/10/2015   The Mystery of Thomas Beale's Treasure  AHC       
05/17/2015   The Quest for Camelot  AHC