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Long Lost Family

Episode List: Long Lost Family

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03/06/2016 01-001  I've Waited for This Call for 45 Years  TLC       
03/13/2016   Your Mom's Been Here the Whole Time  TLC       
03/20/2016   Nobody Knew I Existed  TLC       
03/27/2016   I Should've Fought Harder to Keep Her  TLC       
04/03/2016   Am I Who I Think I Am?  TLC       
04/10/2016   Why Did You Leave Me?  TLC       
04/17/2016   Everything Your Parents Told You Was a Lie  TLC       
04/24/2016   Alone in a Crowded Room  TLC       
05/01/2016   I Knew I'd Never See My Mom Again  TLC       
02/12/2017 02-001  There's No Easy Way to Say This  TLC       
02/12/2017 Special  Countdown to the New Season  TLC       
02/19/2017   The Court Said No, We Were Too Young  TLC       
02/26/2017   I Want To Heal My Mother's Heart  TLC       
03/05/2017   Born Together, Stay Together  TLC       
03/12/2017   One More Reason to Fight for My Life  TLC       
03/19/2017   Did You Have Dreams? Did You Follow Them?  TLC       
03/26/2017   All the Leaves Fell Off My Family Tree  TLC       
04/02/2017   The Last Time I Saw My Mother, I Was 5 Years Old  TLC       
04/09/2017   Do I Call Him My Son?  TLC       
04/16/2017   If You Bring Your Baby Home, You Can't Come Home  TLC       
04/23/2017   Am I a Secret She Had to Keep?  TLC       
04/24/2017   It's the Fulfillment of a Promise  TLC       
04/25/2017   We Don't Need Anything From Them Besides Love  TLC       
11/06/2017 03-001  She Just Drove Off and Never Returned  TLC      1.1 
11/13/2017   My First Chapter Is Unwritten  TLC      1.2 
11/20/2017   If I'd Only Known About Her  TLC      1.13 
11/27/2017   The Letters Just Stopped Coming  TLC      1.17 
12/04/2017   There's More to Saying Sorry  TLC      0.98 
12/11/2017   My Birth Certificate Reads Jane Doe  TLC      1.19 
04/08/2018 04-001  The First and Last Time I Saw My Sister  TLC       
04/15/2018   She Never Came Back  TLC       
04/22/2018   You Think They Are Blood  TLC       
04/29/2018   You Have Been Loved Your Whole Life  TLC       
05/06/2018   28 Foster Homes  TLC       
05/13/2018   A Slamming Door  TLC       
05/14/2018   Nothing Short of a Miracle  TLC       
05/15/2018   This Is Your Truth  TLC       
05/16/2018   That Was My One Shot  TLC       
10/08/2018 05-001  A Baby in a Shoe Box  TLC       
10/15/2018   A Mysterious Disappearance  TLC       
10/22/2018   Waiting a Lifetime  TLC       
10/29/2018   A Hole in My Soul  TLC       
11/05/2018   Feelings of Abandonment  TLC       
11/12/2018   Secrets are Better Kept Than Said  TLC       
11/19/2018   She Chose Another Person Over Her Child  TLC       
11/26/2018   I Want to Go Back  TLC       
12/17/2018   She's Gone  TLC       
10/25/2019 06-001  Why Couldn't They Raise Us?  TLC       
11/01/2019   I'm the Only One Left  TLC       
11/08/2019   Are They Looking For Me?  TLC       
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