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Jimmy Kimmel Live

Episode List: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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02-178  !taped on 6/9/2004: not aired because of detroit controversy         
01/26/2003 01-001  co-host: Snoop Dogg. with: George Clooney; Warren Sapp; Coldplay.  ABC       
01/28/2003 01-002  co-host: Snoop Dogg. with: the Rock; Al Michaels; 50 Cent.  ABC       
01/29/2003 01-003  co-host: Snoop Dogg. with: Robin Alexis; Tammy Faye Messner.  ABC       
01/30/2003 01-004  co-host: Snoop Dogg. with: Adam Carolla; Shirley Corriher; the Armenian Comedian; New Found Glory.  ABC       
01/31/2003 01-005  co-host: Snoop Dogg. with: Seth Green; Gerhard Reinke; Dr. Monica Deidrich; LeAnn Rimes.  ABC       
02/01/2003 01-006  co-host: Snoop Dogg. with: David Alan Grier; Bob Einstein.  ABC       
02/04/2003 01-007  co-host: Kathy Griffin. with: Jerry O'Connell; Tammy Faye Messner; Unwritten Law.  ABC       
02/05/2003 01-008  co-host: Kathy Griffin. with: Corey Feldman; Jeffrey Ross; Simple Plan.  ABC       
02/06/2003 01-009  co-host: Kathy Griffin. with: Ben Stein; Eric Roberts; Gerhard Reinke; Jurassic 5.  ABC       
02/07/2003 01-010  co-host: Kathy Griffin. with: Estella Warren; Zach Galifianakis.  ABC       
02/08/2003 01-011  co-host: Kathy Griffin. with: Bonnie Hunt; Master P; Lil' Romeo; Uncle Frank.  ABC       
02/11/2003 01-012  co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Andy Dick; Uncle Frank; Tonic.  ABC       
02/12/2003 01-013  co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Hugh Hefner; Lucy Lawless; D4.  ABC       
02/13/2003 01-014  co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Jolene Blalock; Patton Oswalt; Talib Kweli.  ABC       
02/14/2003 01-015  co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Heather Graham; Christopher Lowell.  ABC       
02/15/2003 01-016  co-host: Adam Carolla. with: Adrienne Barbeua; Dr. Drew Pinsky; Erick Sermon.  ABC       
02/18/2003 01-017  co-host: Janeane Garofalo. with: Famke Janssen; Colin Quinn; Guttermouth.  ABC       
02/19/2003 01-018  co-host: Janeane Garofalo. with: Howard Kremer; Field Mob; Jamie Kennedy.  ABC       
02/20/2003 01-019  co-host: Janeane Garofalo. with: Laura Linney; David Cross; Bob Edenkirk.  ABC       
02/21/2003 01-020  co-host: Janeane Garofalo. with: Trista & Ryan; Emmanuel Lewis; Bill Walton; Quentin Richardson; Kaiji wrestlers.  ABC       
02/22/2003 01-021  co-host: Janeane Garofalo. with: Rich Eisen; Jennifer Garner; Martina Sementelli.  ABC       
02/25/2003 01-022  co-host: Don King. with: Lauren Graham; Super Dave Osbourne; Har Mar Superstar.  ABC       
02/26/2003 01-023  co-host: Don King. with: Nicole Eggert; Kevin Mitnick; Papa Roach.  ABC       
02/27/2003 01-024  co-host: Don King. with: Vince Vaughn; Monica Bellucci; Robin Leach; t.a.T.u.  ABC       
02/28/2003 01-025  co-host: Don King. with: Anna Nicole Smith; Lennox Lewis; Todd Glass.  ABC       
03/01/2003 01-026  co-host: Don King. with: Evan Marriott; Steve-O.  ABC       
03/04/2003 01-027  co-host: Sarah Silverman. with: Jeff Goldblum; Molly Sims; Fabolous.  ABC       
03/06/2003 01-028  co-host: Sarah Silverman. with: Rachel Hunter; Gerhard Reinke; James Clair Lewis; Nappy Roots.  ABC       
03/07/2003 01-029  co-host: Sarah Silverman. with: Roseanne; Jared Fogle.  ABC       
03/08/2003 01-030  co-host: Sarah Silverman. with: Tom Arnold; Uncle Frank; Bowling for Soup.  ABC       
03/11/2003 01-031  co-host: Jeffrey Ross. with: John Leguizamo; Suge Knight; Cook E. Jarr.  ABC       
03/12/2003 01-032  co-host: Jeffrey Ross. with: Eugene Levy; Ralphy May; Zebrahead.  ABC       
03/13/2003 01-033  co-host: Jeffrey Ross. with: Lorenzo Lamas; Matt Stone & Trey Parker; Smilez & Southstar.  ABC       
03/14/2003 01-034  co-host: Jeffrey Ross. with: Cris Judd; Happatai.  ABC       
03/15/2003 01-035  co-host: Jeffrey Ross. with: R. Lee Erney; Brooke Burke; Gerhard Reinke.  ABC       
03/18/2003 01-036  co-host: Fred Durst. with: the Smothers Brothers; Carolyn Murphy; Flogging Molly; Dave Capurro.  ABC       
03/19/2003 01-037  co-host: Fred Durst. with: Geri Halliwell; Kevin Nealon; Supergrass.  ABC       
03/25/2003 01-038  co-host: Slash. with: Dave Foley; Scott Thompson; Janel Moloney.  ABC       
03/26/2003 01-039  co-host: Slash. with: Robert Evans; ''Stone Cold'' Steve Austin; Andy Milonakis.  ABC       
03/27/2003 01-040  co-host: Slash. with: Ashton Kutcher; Pat O'Brien; Sen Dog & B-Real (Cypress Hill).  ABC       
03/28/2003 01-041  co-host: Slash. with: Alyson Hannigan; the Amazing Kreskin; Killer Mike & Big Boi.  ABC       
03/29/2003 01-042  co-host: Slash. with: Thora Birch; Doug Benson; Camp Freddy.  ABC       
04/01/2003 01-043  co-host: Mike Tyson. with: Wanda Sykes; Saliva.  ABC       
04/02/2003 01-044  co-host: Mike Tyson. with: Tom Lasorda; Guy Torry.  ABC       
04/03/2003 01-045  co-host: Mike Tyson. with: Ben Stein; the Fatchelor; Cam'ron & the Diplomats.  ABC       
04/04/2003 01-046  co-host: Mike Tyson. with: Marlon Wayans; Ali Landry; Time Lapse Consortium.  ABC       
04/05/2003 01-047  co-host: Mike Tyson. with: Michael Vartan; Michael Buffer; Foo Fighters.  ABC       
04/08/2003 01-048  co-host: David Alan Grier. with: Jason Gillearn; Leann Tweeden; Curt Schilling.  ABC       
04/09/2003 01-049  co-host: David Alan Grier. with: Rory Culkin; Demetri Martin; ''Are You Hot?'' winners.  ABC       
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