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Island Hunters

Episode List: Island Hunters

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
01/01/2013 00-001  An Island in the Florida Keys (aka Searching for a Warm Weather Getaway)  HGTV       
01/01/2013 00-002  Island Hunt in the Exuma Cays (aka On the Hunt for an Island Resort in the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas)  HGTV       
01/01/2014   Searching for a Summer Cottage on Georgian Bay  HGTV       
01/01/2014 01-001  Searching for a Resort Home Off the Coast of Belize  HGTV       
01/05/2014   Shopping for an Island Home in the Florida Keys  HGTV      1.68 
01/05/2014   Voyage to an Island Resort in Fiji  HGTV      1.63 
01/12/2014   Looking for a Tropical Island Paradise in the Republic of Fiji  HGTV      1.35 
01/12/2014   The Hunt for a Second Island on Lake Huron's Georgian Bay  HGTV      1.26 
01/19/2014   Looking for a Secluded Getaway in Georgia  HGTV      1.4 
01/19/2014   The Hunt for a New Home on North Carolina's Crystal Coast  HGTV      1.51 
01/26/2014   Looking for a Vacation Rental Island in Upstate New York  HGTV       
03/09/2014   Hunting for an Island to Retire On in Panama  HGTV      1.48 
03/09/2014   Searching for a Summer Vacation Island in the North Atlantic  HGTV       
03/16/2014   A Voyage Through the Wild West of the Philippines  HGTV      1.48 
03/16/2014   Aerial Tours of Australia's Whitsunday Islands  HGTV      1.3 
01/01/2015   A Journey Though the Exotic Ilsands of the Maldives  HGTV      1.49 
01/01/2015   Looking for the Perfect Sunset on the Muskoka Lakes  HGTV      1.53 
06/14/2015   On the Hunt for an Island Resort in the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas  HGTV       
07/05/2015   Looking for the Perfect Honeymoon in Belize  HGTV      1.7 
07/05/2015   The Search for an Eco Resort in Nicaragua  HGTV      1.7 
07/12/2015   Searching for Seclusion in South Florida  HGTV      1.6 
07/12/2015   The Hunt for a Resort Island in the Maldives  HGTV      1.49 
07/19/2015   Pushing for Privacy on Lake of the Woods  HGTV      1.65 
07/19/2015   Young Married Couple Searches for Islands in Ontario Canada  HGTV      1.78 
07/26/2015   The Hunt for a Pacific Coast Island in Two States  HGTV      1.86 
07/26/2015   Wadding Through South Carolina's Coastal Marshes  HGTV      1.79 
08/02/2015   Outdoor Enthusiasts Look for an Island Home in Ontario, Canada  HGTV      1.51 
08/02/2015   The Hunt for Islands 30 Miles East of Columbus, Ohio  HGTV      1.58 
08/09/2015   A Return to Island Living in Sans Souci  HGTV      1.5 
08/09/2015   Hunting for a Luxurious Island in the South Pacific  HGTV      1.68 
08/16/2015   The British Are Coming to the Islands of Lake Nipissing  HGTV      1.52 
08/16/2015   The Quest for a Dream Vacation in Tahiti  HGTV      1.76 
08/23/2015   Searching for a Deserted Island in Fiji  HGTV      1.63 
08/23/2015   The Hunt for a Vacation Home North of Toronto  HGTV      1.69 
07/10/2016   A Voyage Through the Fjords of Chilean Patagonia  HGTV       
07/10/2016   The Hunt for the Perfect Island Resort in Belize  HGTV       
07/17/2016   The Hunt for a Luxury Island in Georgia, Connecticut and New York  HGTV       
07/17/2016   The Search for a Dream Pacific Island in Vanuatu  HGTV       
07/24/2016   The Hunt for a Caribbean Paradise  HGTV       
07/24/2016   Vacationing off the Coast of Croatia  HGTV       
07/31/2016   Buying an Island Off the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua  HGTV       
07/31/2016   Taking Flight Over Queensland  HGTV       
08/07/2016   Purchasing a Summer Island in Ontario, Canada  HGTV       
08/07/2016   The Fantasy Islands of Lake Nicaragua  HGTV       
08/14/2016   On the Hunt in Ontario  HGTV       
08/14/2016   Pre-Honeymooning in Colombia  HGTV       
08/28/2016   A Salty Proposition in Panama  HGTV       
08/28/2016   Canadian Island Envy  HGTV       
09/04/2016   Alaskan Island Home  HGTV       
09/04/2016   Vacation Home Near Halifax  HGTV       
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