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Episode List: Imposters

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Date Episode # Title Network  (↑) Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
02/07/2017 01-001  My So-Called Wife  Bravo       
04/12/2018   Trouble Maybe  Bravo       
04/19/2018   Old Unresolved Shit  Bravo       
04/26/2018   Andiamo  Bravo       
05/03/2018   Maybe/Definitely  Bravo       
05/10/2018   That's Enough. Off You Go.  Bravo       
05/17/2018   Maid Marian on Her Tip-Toed Feet  Bravo       
05/24/2018   Phase Two Sucks  Bravo       
05/31/2018   The World Needs Heroes. Over.  Bravo       
04/05/2018 02-001  Fillion Bollar King  Bravo       
04/11/2017   Always Forward, Never Back  Bravo       
02/14/2017   My Balls, Dickhead  Bravo       
02/21/2017   We Wanted Every Lie  Bravo       
02/28/2017   Cohen. Lenny Cohen.  Bravo       
03/07/2017   Is a Shark Good or Bad?  Bravo       
03/14/2017   The Maddie Code  Bravo       
03/21/2017   Frog-Bikini-Eiffel Tower  Bravo       
03/28/2017   In the Game  Bravo       
04/04/2017   Ladies and Gentlemen, the Doctor Is in  Bravo       
06/07/2018   See You Soon, Macaroon  Bravo