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I Want That! Kitchens

Episode List: I Want That! Kitchens

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01-006  Multifunctional Island, Paper Countertops, Tiny Gadgets  HGTV       
01-007  A Vintage Kitchen, Hidden Appliances, Fun Toasters  HGTV       
01-008  Cool New Gadgets, Ultra-slim Cooktop  HGTV       
01-009  Latest Warming Drawers, New Cooking Concepts  HGTV       
01-010  High-Style Kitchens, Compact Dual Ranges  HGTV       
01-011  Butler's Pantry, Cool New Appliances  HGTV       
01-012  Latest Tile Trends, Gourmet Gadgets  HGTV       
01-013  Outdoor Kitchens  HGTV       
02-001  Laundry Must-Haves, Supersize Kitchen  HGTV       
02-002  Whimsical Kitchen, Disappearing Fridge  HGTV       
02-003  Trends in Microwaves, Double-Duty Coffeemaker  HGTV       
02-004  Colorful Kitchen, Indoor Grill  HGTV       
02-005  Knockout Kitchens, Square Coffeemaker  HGTV       
02-006  Ideas for a Small Kitchen, Flexible Faucet and Granite Sink  HGTV       
02-007  Sparkling Kitchens, Sleek Sinks and a Cool Chopping Tool  HGTV       
02-008  Rock-Star Kitchen, Compact Vacuum and Handcarved Wooden Accents  HGTV       
02-009  Wine Gadgets, Do-It-Yourself Kitchen  HGTV       
02-010  High-Tech Oven, Kitchen Ventilation and Safety  HGTV       
02-011  Party Essentials, New Glass Products  HGTV       
02-012  Latest Trends in Backsplashes, 5-in-1 Refrigerator  HGTV       
02-013  Tricked-Out Kitchen, Professional Ranges  HGTV       
03/08/2006 01-001  Unique Sink, California Outdoor Kitchen, Indoor Barbecue  HGTV       
03/15/2006 01-002  Latest Trends in Cabinetry, Hollywood Kitchen  HGTV       
03/22/2006 01-003  High-Tech Kitchen; New Ice Cream Inventions  HGTV       
03/29/2006 01-004  Armoire Kitchen; Fun Spice Gadgets  HGTV       
04/05/2006 01-005  Runway Ready Kitchen, Fireplace Oven  HGTV