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How It Really Happened

Episode List: How It Really Happened

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01/27/2017   Murder in Beverly Hills: The Aftermath  HLN       
01/27/2017 01-001  The Menendez Brothers: Murder in Beverly Hills  HLN       
02/03/2017   The OJ Simpson Case: Other Killer Theories  HLN       
02/10/2017   Prince, the End  HLN       
02/17/2017   The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith  HLN       
02/24/2017   The Death of Michael Jackson  HLN       
03/03/2017   Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?  HLN       
03/03/2017 Special  Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? The Aftermath  HLN       
03/10/2017   JFK Jr's Final Flight  HLN       
03/24/2017   The Final Days of Whitney Houston  HLN       
03/31/2017   The Strange Case of Jeffrey Dahmer  HLN       
04/07/2017   Capturing the Unabomber  HLN       
04/14/2017   What Killed Heath Ledger  HLN       
04/28/2017   DC Madam: The Woman Who Knew Too Much  HLN       
10/15/2017   The Casey Anthony Story  HLN       
10/22/2017   The Gianni Versace Murder  HLN       
10/29/2017   The Mystery of Heaven's Gate  HLN       
11/05/2017   Who Killed Chandra Levy?  HLN       
11/12/2017   The Strange Case of the Killer Nanny  HLN       
11/19/2017   George Michael's Final Days  HLN       
12/03/2017   The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal  HLN       
12/10/2017   Did Scott Peterson Murder Laci?  HLN