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Hot Rod Garage

Episode List: Hot Rod Garage

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
05/22/2014 01-001    YouTube       
07/06/2018 04-001  Tire Killer! '66 Fury Wagon! Big Block Stroker Wagon Gets Big Power!  Velocity       
07/13/2018   Low-Buck Speed Project! LS Swapped 1979 Camaro!  Velocity       
07/20/2018   Ford Truck/Cop Car Body Swap!  Velocity       
07/27/2018   The Crown Hick Gets Supercharged V-8 Power!  Velocity       
08/03/2018   Budget Turbo V-8 Drag Times! Bonemaro Hits the Track!  Velocity       
08/10/2018   Blueprint For Horse-Power! Crusher Camaro Gets a 427ci Supercharged LS Swap  Velocity       
11/23/2018 Special  Ultimate Roa Trip: Bare Frame to Driver in 2 Days!  MotorTrend       
03/22/2019 06-001  2005 Dodge Magnum Dad-Rod Build- Perfect for Hauling Kids and Hauling Ass!  MotorTrend       
03/29/2019   Hack the C10 Market! Longbed to Shortbed DIY Conversion!  MotorTrend       
03/29/2019   How to Build a Low-Buck Muscle Car  MotorTrend       
04/05/2019   Drift 'Cuda Gets Sideways!! fishtailcuda  MotorTrend       
12/06/2019   Easy Big-Block Chevy Power Upgrades and Sheet Metal Beadrolling Tips  MotorTrend      0.18 
01/03/2020   630 Horsepower LS7 Swap: Our Chevy Van Runs!  MotorTrend      0.22 
01/24/2020   1973 Dodge D200 Diesel 12V Cummins Swap! Meet RollSmokey!  MotorTrend      0.2 
01/31/2020   Crusher Camaro Complete Suspension Upgrade and Record-Breaking Test Times!  MotorTrend      0.19 
02/07/2020   Chevy S-10 Total Transformation! Low-Budget High School Hot Rod  MotorTrend      0.3 
02/14/2020   Trackside Upgrades! 5.0 Mustang Drag Testing  MotorTrend      0.24 
02/21/2020   Auction Find! Ballin' on a Budget 575HP Mercedes SL 500  MotorTrend       
02/28/2020   5.0 Fox-Body Dragstrip Redemption!  MotorTrend      0.22 
03/06/2020   Low Buck, Big Power, Big Block  MotorTrend      0.26 
05/01/2020     MotorTrend      0.17 
05/08/2020 07-001  Re-Crowning the Hick  MotorTrend      0.22 
05/15/2020   1970s Street Machine Corvette! Fiberglass Dreams!  MotorTrend      0.19 
05/22/2020   1971 Caddy Sedan Deville LS Swap! Complete Misadventure!!  MotorTrend       
05/29/2020   How to Drag Race! Hot Rod Garage Takes You to the Strip! Bonus: Burnouts!  MotorTrend      0.27 
06/05/2020   Boat on Bags  MotorTrend      0.2 
06/12/2020   Modern Turbo Tech  MotorTrend      0.21 
06/19/2020   16 Cylinders, Twin LS Engine  MotorTrend      0.22 
06/26/2020   Dirt Track Racing, HRG Gets Round and Dirty  MotorTrend      0.29 
07/03/2020   Twin-Engine, 1,000hp, 16-Cylinder AWD GT-R Killer!!!  MotorTrend      0.2 
07/10/2020   Fiberglass Realities, Scratching the Itch  MotorTrend      0.24 
07/17/2020   FAST! CHEAP! MOPAR!!! Pick Two!!!! The Story of the Mythduster!  MotorTrend      0.27 
07/02/2021   C5 Do-It-All Corvette Part 2! Drift and Road-Race  MotorTrend       
07/09/2021   $6 Grand Supercars! Coast to Coast Battle! Tony vs. Lucky!  MotorTrend       
07/16/2021   Dirt Cheap Rear End DIY Build! 5.7 Hemi Duster Gets a Ford 8.8 Out Back!  MotorTrend       
07/23/2021   Coyote Engine Transplant Into Sleepy SN95 Mustang! SN95 Gets Coyotified!  MotorTrend