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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

Photo Credit:  Andrew Eccles / Bravo
  • Premiered: 
    December 2, 2014
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  • Network: Bravo
  • Category: Series
  • Genre: Dramedy
  • Type: Live Action
  • Concept: 
    Based on the book series (Girlfriends' Guide) by Vicki Iovine 
  • Subject Matter: Relationship
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Plot Synopsis

Inspired by Vicki Iovine's "Girlfriends' Guide" book series, GIRLFRIENDS' GUIDE TO DIVORCE centers on Abby McCarthy, a self-help book author, who hides the fact that she's separated from her husband, Jake, as she starts to navigate her life as a single woman in her early 40s. Then, Abby shocks the world when she reveals that her seemingly perfect life has all been a lie, and America's once-favorite girlfriend finds her career and marriage in a free fall. Abby seeks advice from her new divorced friends: Lyla, a legendary no-nonsense entertainment lawyer, who is in a constant "War of the Roses" battle with her ex-husband, Dan; and Phoebe, a former model and budding entrepreneur, who has a very unique relationship with her ex, Ralf. Meanwhile, a rival attorney at Lyla's firm, Delia, is hired as Abby's divorce attorney, causing a rift between the girlfriends. Abby soon develops an interest in Nate, while her ex, Jake, has a 23-year-old girlfriend, Becca. Guest star Laverne Cox plays Adele Northrop, a Pulitzer-Prize winning war journalist and LGBT activist, who presents an award at a marriage equality gala, and Carrie Fisher appears in the pilot as Abby's book editor, Cat. On Tuesday, December 1, 2015 at 10pm ET/PT, Bravo premiered Season 2 of GIRLFRIENDS' GUIDE TO DIVORCE. This season, as a new chapter in Abby's professional life seems promising, her personal life remains chaotic and all-consuming as her adventures in dating become even more unpredictable. When she becomes 'the face of divorce' for chic lifestyle website SheShe, Abby is once again forced to live a lie hiding her complicated relationship with estranged husband Jake. But as Abby finds success preaching the pros of divorce to her readers and portraying a fabulous single life on social media, she is torn over whether her marriage is worth saving or if she should chart her own course. Throughout Abby's ups and downs, the one constant in life remains her incredible girlfriends. While Delia grapples with following the rigid traditions of getting married, Phoebe tries to leave her demons in the past as she looks to find her true self and Jo deals with her ex-husband and his new wife encroaching on her new LA life. Joining the cast this season is Retta, playing Barbara, a rival editor at SheShe who is less than thrilled with Abby's optimistic approach to divorce; Megan Hilty as Charlene, a southern belle who is married to Jo's ex-husband Frumpkis, played by Maury Sterling; and Mark Valley as confident and charming TV personality Dr. Harris, who pursues Abby. Carrie Fisher returns as Abby's book agent Cat. Barry Bostwick and Lesley Ann Warren guest star as Abby's parents, George and Dina. Season 3 of GIRLFRIENDS' GUIDE TO DIVORCE premieres on Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 10pm ET/PT on Bravo. This season, the women deal with redefining themselves while experiencing significant changes in their personal and professional lives. Abby struggles to revamp her image and figure out what's next after her meeting with SheShe goes awry. With her ex Jake handling finances, Abby switches gears to try her hand at romance novels and finds inspiration from her son's enigmatic baseball coach, Mike. After being left at the altar, Delia questions if she is marriage material and focuses her attention on getting her career back on track. Jo takes a risk mixing business and pleasure with her sex addict head baker Scott while also dealing with the repercussions of her alcoholic ex-husband Frumpkis. Barbara gets a new role at SheShe and treats herself to a kitchen renovation, bringing a new man into her life, handsome contractor Darrell, who just may fix more than her stove. Meanwhile, Phoebe deals with the consequences of rushing into her marriage with J.D and finds escape in her friendship with a charismatic billionaire named Gemma. In the season opener, "Rule #43: When One Door Opens, There's an Icy Draft," Abby deals with the professional fallout from her gigolo scandal while she and Jake care for Becca's abandoned baby. Delia confronts Albert about sabotaging her wedding. Jo considers dating her baker, Scott. Phoebe holds a ceremony to celebrate womanhood, but not all the girlfriends feel like celebrating. Season 4 of GIRLFRIENDS' GUIDE TO DIVORCE premiered on Thursday, August 17, 2017 at 10pm ET/PT on Bravo, as as Abby continues to solidify her single status post-divorce with the help and hijinks of her girlfriends, Phoebe, Jo, Delia, and Barbara. This season, each of the women take their lives into their own hands and boss up. With dating on the back burner, Abby and Barbara decide to go into business together and create a website geared toward women their age called Lady Parts. Although both ladies have the company's best interest in mind, their leadership styles begin to clash. With the site in need of an influencer, Abby and Barbara attempt to court starlet Temple Hampton who is dating Abby's ex, Will. Jo continues to grow at Tao of Rex, her boxing and meditation group, and so does her relationship with the "Bald Eagle" aka Albert. When his true identity is revealed, Jo is forced to decide between love and friendship. Delia's new position at Legal Aid gives her a humanitarian high, only to be threatened by developing feelings for her new partner, Paul Cordero. Meanwhile, Phoebe continues her relationship with Gemma, but is left realizing she needs to reevaluate her priorities if she is going to salvage her marriage with JD. After a family emergency rocks Abby's world, and elicits the return of her family George, Dina and Max, she needs the help of all her girlfriends to keep from spiraling out of control. In the season opener, "Rule #776: Remember the Aquaduct," Abby and Barbara launch their blog, but it won't last long if they don't find a way to bring traffic to the site. As they look into potential influencers, a run in with Abby's ex and his new girlfriend sparks Barb's imagination. Delia's humanitarian efforts at Legal Aid send her on a stakeout with an abrasive but experienced new colleague. Phoebe gets in deeper with her seductive new friend. Jo consummates her flirtation with sparring partner Bald Eagle.
On Thursday, September 21, 2017 at 10pm ET/PT, Bravo premiered "Rule #155: Go With the Magician," the Season 4 finale of GIRLFRIENDS' GUIDE TO DIVORCE. Abby grapples with what to do with her father while making a last ditch effort to salvage her professional relationship with Barbara. Jo makes an impulsive decision that will affect her business and her relationship with Albert. Phoebe finds another way to make money by renting out her house, only to be shocked when someone from her past appears. Delia must face down an important test and Abby decides how to handle the situation with her father with some input from an old friend. GIRLFRIENDS' GUIDE TO DIVORCE has already been renewed for Season 5, with the final season having six episodes.


Production & Distribution

  • Produced by Universal Cable Productions


  • - Los Angeles, California USA

Firsts, Lasts & Notable Notes

  • December 2, 2014: Bravo's first original scripted series.

Births, Deaths & Weddings

  • February 9, 2016: Becca's baby is born
  • February 16, 2016: Delia & Gordon are married