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Ex on the Beach

Episode List: Ex on the Beach

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
04/12/2018 Special  Welcome to the Relations... Show  MTV       
04/19/2018 01-001  Welcome to Ex on the Beach  MTV       
04/26/2018   Exed Out  MTV       
05/03/2018   Two Exes Don't Make a Right  MTV       
05/10/2018   I Wanna Call You Babe  MTV       
05/17/2018   Who's Exed Next?  MTV       
05/24/2018   Bye Alicia Hi Alicia  MTV       
05/31/2018   Party Foul  MTV       
06/07/2018   Monster Mode  MTV       
06/14/2018   You Can't Handle the Truth  MTV       
06/21/2018   Return of All the Exes  MTV       
06/28/2018   Can You Ever Get Over Your Ex?  MTV       
12/20/2018 02-001  Paradise From Hell  MTV       
12/27/2018   Being Shady 101  MTV       
01/03/2019   Simon Says  MTV       
01/10/2019   Worst Date Ever  MTV       
01/17/2019   Jay Is for Jealous  MTV       
01/24/2019   Low Blows  MTV       
01/31/2019   Revenge Is Sweet  MTV       
02/07/2019   Here Comes Trouble  MTV       
02/14/2019   Un-Bear-Able  MTV       
02/21/2019   How to Keep a Man 101  MTV       
02/28/2019   Ghost of Relationship's Past  MTV       
03/07/2019   Bad Bromance  MTV       
03/14/2019   Ex-Viction Notice  MTV       
03/21/2019   Ex, Lies and Polygraph Tape  MTV       
03/28/2019   Reunion (Part 1)  MTV       
04/04/2019   Reunion (Part 2)  MTV       
07/16/2019 03-001  Love, Next Love  MTV       
07/23/2019   Serving Revenge  MTV       
07/30/2019   I Put a Crush on You  MTV       
08/06/2019   Cam You Feel the Love Tonight  MTV       
08/15/2019   This Is Episode 5 But Let's Call It 6  MTV       
08/22/2019   The Mother of All Secrets  MTV       
08/29/2019   Exes Haunt These Fields  MTV       
09/05/2019   Coffey Run  MTV       
09/12/2019   I Want It That Way  MTV       
09/19/2019   Roses Are Red, Exes Make You Blue  MTV       
09/26/2019   Thruple Trouble  MTV       
10/03/2019   Two for One Deal  MTV       
10/10/2019   Show Me the Receipts  MTV       
10/17/2019   The Final Crush  MTV       
10/24/2019   Reunion  MTV       
12/05/2019 04-001  Peak of Love: Welcome to the Peak  MTV      0.4 
12/05/2019 04-002  Peak of Love: Winter Un-Wonderland  MTV      0.33 
12/12/2019   Peak of Love: Caught Red Velvet Handed  MTV      0.32 
12/19/2019   Peak of Love: De Niall Is Not Just an Ex  MTV      0.28 
12/26/2019   Peak of Love: Boo Years Eve!  MTV      0.31 
01/02/2020   Peak of Love: The Bird Has Landed  MTV      0.39 
01/09/2020   Peak of Love: SOS, Save Our Singles  MTV      0.37 
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