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01/19/2017   Too Much Estrogen?  GSN       
01/19/2017 01-001  Incredibly Dangerous  GSN       
01/26/2017   Team Effort  GSN       
01/26/2017   Testosterone Sandwich  GSN       
02/02/2017   No Hard Feelings  GSN       
02/02/2017   Talk It Out  GSN       
02/09/2017   Long Story Short  GSN       
02/09/2017   The Craziest Moves  GSN       
02/15/2017   Functional Dysfunction  GSN       
02/15/2017   I Trusted You  GSN       
02/16/2017   Teamwork Makes the Dream Work  GSN       
02/16/2017   Testosterone Sandwich  GSN       
02/22/2017   Every Word Is a Dollar  GSN       
02/22/2017   Give Me Your Theory  GSN       
02/23/2017   Hardheaded  GSN       
02/23/2017   Hot Streak  GSN       
03/01/2017   Appointed Yourself Mom  GSN       
03/01/2017   Playing Horseshoes  GSN       
03/02/2017   Faith in the Team  GSN       
03/02/2017   Play On  GSN       
03/08/2017   No Stress Involved  GSN       
03/08/2017   Taking a Chance  GSN       
03/09/2017   Nothing to Lose  GSN       
03/09/2017   You Better Be Right  GSN       
03/15/2017   Chances Make Champions  GSN       
03/15/2017   Voice of Reason  GSN       
03/16/2017   Back in the Game  GSN       
03/16/2017   Gut Feeling  GSN       
03/23/2017   Learn the Lesson  GSN       
03/23/2017   Shotgun Decision  GSN       
03/30/2017   I'm a National Treasure  GSN       
03/30/2017   Salt, Not Sugar  GSN       
04/06/2017   For the Glory  GSN       
04/06/2017   You're My Queen  GSN       
04/13/2017   Speak Softly, Carry a Big Stick  GSN       
04/13/2017   Strong Threat  GSN       
04/27/2017   About the Money  GSN       
04/27/2017   Silent Assassin  GSN       
05/04/2017   A Lot of Fire  GSN       
08/15/2017   Hashtag Petty  GSN       
08/15/2017 02-001  Watch Your Back and Your Buttons  GSN       
08/22/2017   Takeover Palooza  GSN       
08/22/2017   The Metaphor Is Real  GSN       
08/31/2017   All About Winning  GSN       
08/31/2017   Didn't See That Coming  GSN       
09/07/2017   Let Go of Your Egos  GSN       
09/07/2017   Let's Rock 'n' Roll Baby  GSN       
09/14/2017   Voted the Wrong Person Off  GSN       
09/14/2017   We Had a Connection  GSN       
09/21/2017   Boy Power  GSN       
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