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Chicken Soup for the Soul

Episode List: Chicken Soup for the Soul

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
12/14/1998 Special - 001    Pax     
08/17/1999 01-001  The Window; All the Good Things; The Appointment; The Cookie Thief  Pax  0.5     
08/24/1999 01-002  A Sandpiper to Bring You Joy; The Cape; Starlight, Starbright; The Gift ...  Pax     
08/31/1999 01-003  No Less a Starfish; My Convertible; Love Is Never Lost; A Gentle Caress....  Pax  0.6     
09/07/1999 01-004  Billy; Salesman's First Sale; Angel in Uniform; Handwriting on the Wall....  Pax       
09/14/1999 01-005  From the Heart; Don't Hope, Friend, Decide; How Much Is Enough; Going, Going, Gone...  Pax       
09/21/1999 01-006  Faith, Hope and Love; Behind Every Great Man Is a Great Woman; Mother's Day...  Pax  0.6     
09/28/1999 01-007  Just Say It!; Security Blanket; Try Something Different; Live Your Life...  Pax  0.7     
10/12/1999 01-008  Pitch; Dance Night; Attitude, One of Life's Choices; Grass; Goodwill...  Pax  0.6     
10/26/1999 01-009  The Green Boots; How Magic Helped a Blind Girl See; Lady, Are You Rich?...  Pax  0.8     
11/09/1999 01-010  The Anniversary; Lady, Are You Rich?; Where's My Kiss, Then?  Pax  0.7     
11/16/1999 01-011  Rescued; The Surprise Date; What Bravery Is; Lost and Found; Paco Come Home  Pax  0.7     
11/23/1999 01-012  Angels Once and a While; Carrie's Gift; A Secret Promise Kept  Pax  0.5     
11/30/1999 01-013  Sand Castles ; Crying's Okay; It's Never Too Late; Egg Lessons  Pax  0.6     
12/14/1999 01-014  The Giving Tree; Simple Wooden Boxes; A Birthday Song; The Heart of Christmas  Pax  0.8     
01/18/2000 01-015  Making the Grade; $700 Salvation; The Question  Pax  0.5     
01/25/2000 01-016  14 Steps; Damaged Goods; Ballerina Dreams  Pax  0.7     
02/01/2000 01-017  Thinking of You; Mama's Soup Pot; The Letter  Pax  0.5     
02/08/2000 01-018  What's Happening with Today's Youth?; Mustang and the Tutor; Father  Pax  0.6     
02/15/2000 01-019  Footprints on My Heart; Legacy; Elopement  Pax  0.4     
02/22/2000 01-020  The Right Thing; Letters to Suzie; A Reason for Being  Pax  0.5     
05/02/2000 01-021  Mason Dixon Memory; Summer School; The Final Show  Pax  0.3     
05/09/2000 01-022  A Pearl of Great Value; Two Sides of Love; Destiny in a Bottle  Pax  0.4     
05/16/2000 01-023  A Bad Influence; The Surprise; Who You Are Makes a Difference  Pax  0.4