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Cats 101

Episode List: Cats 101

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Date  (↑) Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers Watch/Purchase
12/06/2008 01-001  American Shorthair, Savannah, Scottish Fold, Persian, Ragdoll, Sphynx  Animal Planet       
12/13/2008 01-002  Maine Coon, Egyptian Mau, Siamese, Himalayan, Oriental and Turkish Angora  Animal Planet       
11/07/2009 02-001  Ocicat; Norwegian Forest Cat; Selkrix Rex; Abyssinian; Bombay; Havana Brown  Animal Planet       
11/14/2009   Manx; Burmese; Siberian; Russian Blue; Cornish Rex; Singapura  Animal Planet       
11/21/2009   Color Point Shorthair; American Curl; Somali; Japanese Bobtail; Birman  Animal Planet       
09/18/2010   Domestic Shorthair; British Shorthair; Munchkin  Animal Planet       
09/25/2010   Turkish Van; Snowshoe; Chartreux  Animal Planet       
04/09/2011   Tonkinese, Nebelung, Serengeti, Korat, Cats Gone Wild, RagaMuffin, Toyger  Animal Planet       
04/16/2011   Bambino, Pixie Bob, Australian Mist, Domestic Longhair, Cats Gone Wild  Animal Planet       
04/23/2011   Kittens  Animal Planet       
04/21/2012 04-001  Kurillian Bobtail; Chausie; Dwelf; Burmilla; Lambkin; Klepto Cat  Animal Planet       
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04/28/2012   Aegean; Skookum; Li Hua; Peterbald; Chantilly; Cats That Have Nine Lives  Animal Planet       
05/05/2012   Highlander; Arabian Mau; Khao Manee; European Shorthair; American Wirehair; Thai Cats  Animal Planet       
05/12/2012   Oriental Bicolor; Donskoy; Minskin; Javanese; Sokoke; Cats of the Web  Animal Planet