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Episode List: Bleach

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Date Episode # Title Network Rating Share Viewers  (↑) Watch/Purchase
  The Reviving Lion  TV Tokyo       
06/14/2005   Zaraki Kenpachi Approaches!  TV Tokyo       
06/07/2005   Aizen Assassinated! The Darkness Which Approaches  TV Tokyo       
  Tragedy of Dawn  TV Tokyo       
  Miracle! The Mysterious New Hero  TV Tokyo       
05/17/2005   Stars and the Stray  TV Tokyo       
05/10/2005   The Resolution to Kill  TV Tokyo       
05/03/2005   Renji's Confrontation  TV Tokyo       
04/26/2005   Breakthrough! The Shinigami's Encompassing Net  TV Tokyo       
04/19/2005   Orihime Targeted  TV Tokyo       
04/12/2005   Release the Death Blow!  TV Tokyo       
06/21/2005   Motive of the Fist  TV Tokyo       
06/28/2005   Desperation! The Broken Zangetsu  TV Tokyo       
07/05/2005   The Immortal Man  TV Tokyo       
  Rukia's Nightmare  TV Tokyo       
  Hitsugaya Howls!  TV Tokyo       
  The Avengers  TV Tokyo       
  Authentic Records! School of Shinigami  TV Tokyo       
  Overcome Your Limits!  TV Tokyo       
  Ishida's Ultimate Power!  TV Tokyo       
  The Despicable Shinigami  TV Tokyo       
  Yoruichi, Goddess of Flash, Dances!  TV Tokyo       
07/19/2005   Reunion, Ichigo and Rukia  TV Tokyo       
07/12/2005   The Shinigami Whom Ganju Met  TV Tokyo       
04/05/2005   Formation! The Worst Tag  TV Tokyo       
03/29/2005   Penetrate the Center with an Enormous Bombshell?  TV Tokyo       
03/22/2005 01-024  Assemble! The 13 Divisions  TV Tokyo       
12/07/2004 01-010  Assault on Trip at Sacred Ground!  TV Tokyo       
11/30/2004 01-009  Unbeatable Enemy  TV Tokyo       
11/23/2004 01-008  June 17, a Memory of Rain  TV Tokyo       
11/16/2004 01-007  Greetings from a Stuffed Toy  TV Tokyo       
11/09/2004 01-006  Fight to the Death! Ichigo vs. Ichigo  TV Tokyo       
11/02/2004 01-005  Beat the Invisible Enemy!  TV Tokyo       
10/26/2004 01-004  And Your Bird Can Speak  TV Tokyo       
10/19/2004 01-003  Sibling Rivalry  TV Tokyo       
10/12/2004 01-002  Pay or Play  TV Tokyo       
10/05/2004 01-001  A Shinigami is Born!  TV Tokyo       
12/14/2004 01-011  The Legendary Quincy  TV Tokyo       
12/21/2004 01-012  A Gentle Right Arm  TV Tokyo       
12/28/2004 01-013  Flower and Hollow  TV Tokyo       
03/15/2005 01-023  14 Days Before Rukia's Execution  TV Tokyo       
03/08/2005 01-022  The Man Who Hates Shinigami  TV Tokyo       
03/01/2005 01-021  Enter! The World of the Shinigami  TV Tokyo       
02/22/2005 01-020  Gin Ichimaru's Shadow  TV Tokyo       
02/15/2005 01-019  Ichigo Becomes a Hollow!  TV Tokyo       
02/08/2005 01-018  Reclaim! The Power of the Shinigami  TV Tokyo       
02/01/2005 01-017  Ichigo Dies!  TV Tokyo       
01/25/2005 01-016  Encounter: Renji Abarai!  TV Tokyo       
01/18/2005 01-015  Kon's Great Plan  TV Tokyo       
01/11/2005 01-014  Back to Back, a Fight to the Death!  TV Tokyo       
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