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Complete Guide to Starz Channel's OUTLANDER Seasons 2 & 3 Cast, Interviews, Episodes, Kilts & More!

Maj Canton - July 25, 2017







Season 3 of OUTLANDER will return on Sunday, September 10 at 8pm ET/PT. The third season will include 13 episodes based upon "Voyager," the third of eight books in Diana Gabaldon’s international best-selling Outlander series.

The TCA 2017 Summer Press Tour OUTLANDER panel is on Friday, July 28, 2017. TV Tango will live tweet at approximately 3:30pm PT (on day of panel check @tvtango Twitter for start time updates)

Panel to include:

  • Ronald D. Moore, Showrunner/Writer
  • Maril Davis, Executive Producer
  • Caitriona Balfe (Claire Randall Fraser)
  • Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) *via satellite
  • Tobias Menzies (Frank & Black Jack Randall)
  • Sophie Skelton (Brianna Randall)
  • Richard Rankin (Roger Wakefield)


On Friday, July 21, 2017 Starz released three new photos for Season 3, featuring a variety of scenes from the new season: Claire and Frank Randall (1960s), Jamie in the print shop (1700s), and Claire with her daughter Brianna Randall and Roger Wakefield (1960s)







Ten days earlier -- on July 11 -- Starz released the official season three key art for OUTLANDER, which illustrates a distant Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) on opposite sides of the standing stone that once brought them together. The two are set in vastly different eras: Claire in the 1960s, and Jamie in the 1700s. The third season of OUTLANDER picks up right after Claire travels through the stones to return to her life in 1948. Now pregnant with Jamie’s child, she struggles with the fallout of her sudden reappearance and its effect on her marriage to her first husband, Frank (Tobias Menzies). Meanwhile, in the 18th century, Jamie suffers from the aftermath of his doomed last stand at the historic battle of Culloden, as well as the loss of Claire. As the years pass, Jamie and Claire attempt to make a life apart from one another, each haunted by the memory of their lost love. The budding possibility that Claire can return to Jamie in the past breathes new hope into Claire’s heart… as well as new doubt. Separated by continents and centuries, Claire and Jamie must find their way back to each other. As always, adversity, mystery, and adventure await them on the path to reunion. And the question remains: When they find each other, will they be the same people who parted at the standing stones, all those years ago?


In March, production and filming on the current season moved from its home base in Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa, to shoot pivotal sea voyage scenes on the former sets of the STARZ original series BLACK SAILS. Production on the season began in September 2016, and just wrapped in June 2017 in Cape Town. OUTLANDER will attend San Diego Comic Con again this summer, offering fans a chance to experience more of this beloved series in person.



Carmi Zlotnik, President of Programming for Starz said "While 'Droughtlander' will last just a little longer, we feel it is important to allow the production the time and number of episodes needed to tell the story of the 'Voyager' book in its entirety. The scale of this book is immense, and we owe the fans the very best show. Returning in September will make that possible."

Steve Kent, Senior Executive Vice President, Programming, Sony Pictures Television said, "With the scope of the production and all of the intricate details that go into the Emmy®-nominated sets and costumes, we had to make sure everything is kept to the high standard of the previous seasons and Diana Gabaldon's beautiful story. We¹re so proud of the incredible work that Ron and the Outlander team have done."




OUTLANDER Book 3 has added new cast members Gary Young who will play ‘Mr. Willoughby’ and Charlie Hiett will join in the role of ‘Captain Thomas Leonard.’
A Chinese man with a deep knowledge of Eastern medicine, Mr. Willoughby is a talented poet in exile, with an even deeper love of women. Willoughby, a confidante of Jamie Fraser, speaks English well, but hides it when it suits him. He is even more of an outsider than Claire in 18th century Scotland. New Zealand native Gary Young, a graduate of the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in London and Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School, most recently appeared in the Netflix feature “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny” and the Australian miniseries “Secret City.” He also featured in “Xena: Warrior Princess,” “Power Rangers” and Jane Campion’s “Top of the Lake.”


Charlie Hiett joins the cast as the British Captain Thomas Leonard. Leonard is the inexperienced, by-the-book de facto captain of the Artemis. Promoted quickly due to the untimely deaths of his commanding officers, Leonard takes his job very seriously, though it weighs heavily on his young shoulders. A third lieutenant, he never thought he would be the captain of a man-of-war ship. Above all, he wants to do what is right by the British Navy -- whether or not it is right by his own personal morals.


Hannah James and Tanya Reynolds will play the Dunsany sisters ‘Geneva’ and ‘Isobel,’ respectively. The casting of new key characters continues as Book 3 of OUTLANDER films in Scotland.

Eldest daughter Geneva is as beautiful as she is headstrong. Yet she’s also petulant, spoiled and demanding of the servants at their home- Helwater. Geneva's accustomed to getting exactly what she wants when she wants it. Underneath however she has a vulnerability -- even a naiveté -- due to her sheltered life.


Geneva will be played by Hannah James who attended the Guildford School of Acting in England and received her BA Honors in Acting. Hannah played the role of Emma Green in "Mercy Street," coincidentally filmed in her home state, just an hour from her childhood home in Virginia. 

Isobel, Geneva's younger sister, is warm, friendly and genuine. Though more plain than her sister, Isobel is inherently more likeable and compassionate towards others.


Tanya Reynolds, who will play Isobel, graduated from The Oxford School of Drama in 2015, and has since played a lead role in feature film Fanny Lye Deliver'd, opposite Maxine Peake and Charles Dance, set to be released next year. She has also just finished filming a lead role in a new drama for Sky One called Delicious, opposite Dawn French.


OUTLANDER Season 2 and Collector's Edition debuts on DVD and Blu-ray on November 1, 2016. OUTLANDER: SEASON TWO contains all 13 episodes in five-disc Blu-ray™ and DVD sets, along with 24 deleted and extended scenes with introductions by Ronald D. Moore, a gag reel, and two featurettes. In “From Book to Screen: Discovering the Differences,” Ronald D. Moore, Diana Gabaldon and the writers of Outlander Season 2 discuss how they develop the scripts based off of the book series and go in-depth into the challenges in selecting plot points to bring to the screen; and meet the new characters introduced in Season Two in “Characters of Season Two.” Blu-ray exclusive content includes an extended version of the episode “Faith,” with an additional 11 minutes of the heart-wrenching episode, an alternate scene from the episode “Dragonfly in Amber,” the Outlander podcasts for each episode with commentary from Ronald D. Moore, and three additional featurettes. 


  • Outlander Season 2 Collector’s Edition - Exclusively Available on Amazon
    • Never-before-seen excerpt from "Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone," the upcoming ninth book in the Outlander series
    • 32-page book featuring behind-the scenes photos and sketches from Season Two with an introduction by Ronald D. Moore
    • All the content from the Blu-ray and DVD plus a bonus disc with additional featurettes:
      • “Kill or be Killed” - which shows how Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish prepare for an intense fight scene
      • “Diana Gabaldon: Herself” - an in-depth conversation with the author to discuss her connection to the show, thoughts on how the series has evolved over time and where she foresees it going.
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    On Monday, October 3, 2016, Starz announced that two more key roles have been cast in Season 3 of OUTLANDER. Playing an older version of Fergus, the beloved French pickpocket that Jamie and Claire took under their wing in Season 2, will be César Domboy. Also joining the cast, playing one of Laoghaire’s (Nell Hudson) young daughters, Marsali, is Lauren Lyle.


    Born into a brothel, Fergus has grown up into a charming, devilishly handsome man with a strong sense of loyalty and decorum, despite his unconventional upbringing. He is the ultimate romantic, wearing his heart on his sleeve and falling in and out of love easily. However, Fergus’s devotion to Jamie has never wavered, making the Frenchman an integral part of the Fraser clan. Still, his debonair demeanor masks a longing for a lasting love and a permanent sense of belonging.


    Marsali is the 18-year-old high-spirited daughter of Laoghaire. Blond and lovely, like her mother who we first met in Season 1 when her youthful crush on Jamie Fraser was halted by his marriage to Claire, but Marsali has a rebellious and romantic mind of her own. She knows what she wants and she goes after it – reputation and propriety be damned.


    On September 20, 2016 Starz announced that two key roles have been cast in Season 3. Joining Jamie’s world in the 18th century, John Bell will play the role of “Young Ian.” Joining Claire’s world set in Boston in the 20th Century, Wil Johnson will play her friend and medical colleague, Joe Abernathy.
    Young Ian Murray is a tall, gangly Scottish lad with a heart of gold, a stubborn streak and a penchant for getting into trouble. Bursting with charm, he’s more like his adventurous, fierce uncle Jamie Fraser than his farmer father Ian -- but when we meet him, he is still a very gawky boy. However, he keeps trying to prove that he is a man and we will see him grow into quite a formidable one as the series evolves.

    Joe Abernathy is a fellow doctor-in-training whom Claire befriends in medical school. Intelligent, charismatic, with a wry and irreverent sense of humor, Joe is a loyal confidant with great affection for Claire. He puts on a good face, but he is all too aware of his place in the Civil Rights era. Joe and Claire both feel out of place in the mostly all-white, all-male medical field, which bonds them together in a life-long friendship.

    On Monday, August 29, 2016 Starz announced that David Berry will play the role of “Lord John Grey” in the upcoming season of OUTLANDER. Lord John William Grey is a steadfast and honorable British subject, torn between a finely-honed sense of familial duty and a strong moral compass of right and wrong.  He is boyishly handsome with an upper class rearing -- the consummate gentleman.  However, a scandal from his past has relegated Lord John to an undesirable position as governor of a desolate prison in Northern Scotland.



    Season 2 of the epic drama was based on “Dragonfly in Amber,” the second book in Diana Gabaldon’s international best-selling series. The story begins as Claire and Jamie arrive in France, hell-bent on infiltrating the Jacobite rebellion led by Prince Charles Stuart, and stopping the battle of Culloden. With the help of his cousin Jared, a local wine merchant, Jamie and Claire are thrown into the lavish world of French society, where intrigue and parties are abundant, but political gain proves far less fruitful. Altering the course of history presents challenges that begin to weigh on the very fabric of their relationship. However, armed with the knowledge of what lies ahead, Claire and Jamie must race to prevent a doomed Highland uprising, and the extinction of Scottish life as they know it.

    Catch up on Season 1 with our COMPLETE GUIDE TO OUTLANDER SEASON 1.




    On Wednesday, June 1, 2016 Starz Chief Executive Officer Chris Albrecht announced the network has ordered “Book Three” and “Book Four” for the Golden Globe®-nominated STARZ Original series “Outlander,” the critically-acclaimed original series executive produced by Ronald D. Moore and adapted from Diana Gabaldon’s international bestselling books. Once again partnering with Sony Pictures Television, this is the first multi-book pickup for “Outlander,” assuring the series will run for several more years.

    CEO of Starz Chris Albrecht said, “’Outlander’ is like nothing seen before on television. From its depiction of a truly powerful female lead character, to the devastating decimation of the Highlander way of life, to what is a rarely seen genuine and timeless love story, it is a show that not only transports the viewer, but inspires the passion and admiration of its fans. On this 25th anniversary of the publication of the first book in the U.S., we are thrilled and honored to be able to continue the story that began with author Diana Gabaldon, and is brought to life by the incredibly talented Ronald D. Moore. There are no better storytellers for ‘Outlander’ than this team, both in front and behind the camera.”

    “The world of Jamie and Claire is expansive and emotionally complex. The audience has rewarded Outlander with their praise and loyalty, and we know we will deliver the best seasons yet  in the years ahead,” said Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg , Presidents, U.S. Programming and Production, Sony Pictures Television. “Starz has been an incredible partner and has truly helped shape this into one of the most iconic premiere series on the air today.


    Season 2 Overview with Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore and Star Caitriona Balfe

    Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore described this season as “a much more complicated tale with a lot of moving parts in contrast to the first season, which was relatively straightforward.” In Season One, “Claire’s drive was always clear. She goes in the past. She tries to get home. She falls in love with Jamie. She decides to stay. He's captured and tortured, and she rescues him. Adapting the second book was more challenging. It took us a while to break it down and figure out how we could take pieces out and put them back together in a way that both served the original story so the fans of the books could recognize it, while at the same time giving the audience that hasn't read the books a coherent story they can follow along. You're constantly trying to serve both those masters as you go through the process.” As the season begins, “Claire’s in an interesting position. It's her idea to change the course of history, and her plan to get inside the rebellion and subvert it from within by pretending to be supporters,” Moore explains. “Jamie is dubious. It’s not a very honorable path. They'll have to lie to everyone that they know and lie to people who support a cause that Jamie would actually naturally want to support. Claire says, ‘Look, the stakes are enormous. We're talking about tens of thousands of lives. We're talking about the future of the entire Scottish culture, as well as Jamie's own family But Claire finds the deception harder than she thought. As time goes on, she finds that the lies pile on top of one another, and the atmosphere of corruption and backbiting and double-dealing in Paris begins to infect their own relationship, and they get to a place where they do have to ask: who are we becoming? And is it worth it? And ultimately, are the stakes so high that even if we sacrifice our own souls in service of this cause, is that a fair price to pay?”


    While the first episodes are set in Paris, the action eventually returns to Scotland, where the Jacobite Rebellion is underway, and war has begun in earnest. “It was an enormous undertaking. We had two very different shows to prep. It takes a lot of concentration and proper planning to figure out how to make such a giant shift in your production.” From sets, to costumes to characters and even in terms of the score, the audience will see “a different world,” Moore says. “It's a different atmosphere. The challenge was keeping it thematically still OUTLANDER.”

    Paris also brings new pressures for the Frasers as a couple. Despite the tension inherent in living a lie, Claire finds her stay in Paris to be fairly tedious, according to Balfe. “She feels her hands are tied. Claire had more freedom in Scotland - she was an outsider so she didn’t have to conform to the norms of women there. But, in France she does have to assume the role of the lady and the role of the wife. And as we know, Claire likes to get her hands dirty and be in the midst of things but she’s relegated to sitting on the sidelines. Yes, she can plot with Jamie behind the scenes, but she doesn’t get to go and execute any of these plans. Jamie needs her to be supportive but she also needs him to be supportive of her desire to be a vital person with a purpose in life. And then this goal just completely overshadows the fact that she is pregnant and she’s carrying a child and that that means so much to her. She kind of feels abandoned by him."



    Q&A Interviews with OUTLANDER Cast, Creator & Executive Producers


    Character Descriptions

    In addition to the Frasers, Claire and Jamie, familiar faces include Frank Randall, Murtagh Fitzgibbons, the Duke of Sandringham, Jenny Murray and her husband Ian and the MacKenzie Clan – Colum, Dougal, Rupert and Angus. The episodes in Paris do introduce a number of new characters.


    CLAIRE FRASER (Caitriona Balfe)

    After the harrowing events of Season 1, a pregnant Claire Fraser arrives in France with her husband Jamie. Her new mission -- infiltrate the Jacobite movement and prevent the infamous battle of Culloden. The strong-minded Claire is determined to alter the course of history and save not only the Highlander people she’s come to love – but to secure a future for the child she now carries.

    JAMIE FRASER (Sam Heughan)

    Haunted by a violent past and outlawed in his native Scotland, Jamie Fraser establishes a new life in France with his beloved wife Claire, their unborn child, and a mission: to stop Prince Charles and the Jacobite uprising. To do so, Jamie must transform himself from rugged Highlander to Parisian wine merchant as he navigates high society including the court of King Louis XV.

    FRANK RANDALL (Tobias Menzies)

    Claire's husband, and former British Intelligence officer in the 20th century. An intellectual and academic, Frank is also a loyal husband who is willing to stretch the realm of scientific possibilities in order to find his missing wife.


    Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall is a Captain in the 18th century English Army, posted into Scotland during a time when rebellion is in the air. As an officer in an occupying army, he’s seen and done terrible and horrific things in the undeclared war in the Highlands. Jack is capable of monstrous acts, which he justifies to himself as being necessary to enforce British rule. Randall has an unhealthy obsession with Jamie, who manages to run afoul of him more than once during the series – a dark, twisted game of cat and mouse.


    Murtagh, the gruff but ever-loyal Highlander, travels with Jamie and Claire to the shores of France after helping to free his godson from the clutches of Black Jack Randall in Wentworth Prison. Charged by a promise to Jamie’s mother Ellen, he offers protection and kinship to the couple in trying times. Homesick for his ancestral Fraser lands, adapting to a strange new culture is not on Murtagh’s agenda.

    LOUISE DE ROHAN (Claire Sermonne)

    A frivolous and animated member of the French Court. Claire befriends Louise during her tenure in Paris, and although the two women come from completely different worlds, they strike up a genuine friendship.

    MARY HAWKINS (Rosie Day)

    Mary is a sweet and innocent young Englishwoman with a slight nervous stammer. The daughter of a minor baronet and niece of Silas Hawkins, Mary is a pawn in the power plays of her elders. She is engaged to an ancient member of the French nobility.

    LE COMTE ST GERMAIN (Stanley Weber)

    A wine merchant and member of the French Court, St.Germain is a noble with a reputation for ruthlessness, as well as for dabbling in the occult.


    When Charles Stuart isn’t carousing with his Jacobite supporters, the young heir to the exiled Catholic royal dynasty is plotting his return to the throne. An unlikely leader with an unabashed taste for alcohol and women, Prince Charles is hell-bent on glory—no matter what the cost.

    KING LOUIS XV (Lionel Lingelser)

    Louis XV, King of France, is a powerful man with a taste for the ladies. Louis is used to getting his way in all regards, but can easily grow tired of the people and things that no longer appeal to him.

    FERGUS (Romann Berrux)

    Raised in a brothel, this young French pickpocket is prone to mischief, but is also wise beyond his years. Equally adept at picking pockets as he is at handing out compliments, this precocious youth is fiercely loyal to the Frasers and would gladly lay down his life to protect them.

    MASTER RAYMOND (Dominique Pinon)

    A small kindly apothecary, Master Raymond is a mysterious healer with a great deal of knowledge regarding secret matters, both political and occult. Though generally viewed with suspicion by his contemporaries, Master Raymond forms a special bond with Claire.

    MOTHER HILDEGARDE (Frances De La Tour)

    Claire befriends and wins the respect of Mother Hildegarde, an intelligent and commanding Mother Superior, while volunteering at L’Hopital Des Anges. A tall, gaunt woman with a deep and powerful voice, Mother Hildegarde comes from an aristocratic, well-connected family.

    ALEXANDER RANDALL (Laurence Dobiesz)

    Despite the shared DNA and physical resemblance, Alex possesses nothing of his older brother Black Jack’s ruthless brutality. A curate and secretary for the Duke of Sandringham, Alex is gentle, loving, and kind.

    DOUGAL MACKENZIE (Graham McTavish)

    A skilled and experienced warrior, Dougal is the War Chieftain of Clan MacKenzie. His older brother Colum is the ruling Laird, but Dougal is his loyal right hand and the true muscle.  He is courageous on the battlefield and is feared by many; the kind of man who will get what he wants, no matter what (or who) stands in his way. Though an artful tactician, he sometimes lets his temper and impetuous nature get the better of him. Unlike his brother, Dougal secretly supports the rebel Jacobite cause against the British, and works to raise funds to restore a Scottish King.

    COLUM MACKENZIE (Gary Lewis)

    The Laird of the MacKenzie clan, Colum is Jamie's maternal uncle and brother to Dougal.  Colum suffers from what is known in the 20th century as Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome, a degenerative disease that renders his legs immobile at times, and fills his days with a great amount of pain. Unable to rule by brawn, he must rely on cunning and intellect to lead his clan. Not surprisingly, there is a quiet sadness about him, as he must depend on his brother Dougal to be his enforcer. But above all, he is insightful and stern; a strong leader who secretly fears for the future of his clan and its leadership.

    BRIANNA RANDALL (Sophie Skelton)

    A striking, redheaded young lady, is the daughter of Claire and Jamie Fraser. Strong-minded and intelligent beyond her years (traits inherited from both her mother and father) Brianna has a distinctly scholastic mind-set, with a healthy dose of American strength, having been born and bred in Boston under the watchful eye of historian Frank Randall.

    ANGUS MHOR (Stephen Walters)

    Another member of Clan MacKenzie, Angus is a hard drinker who's always looking for a fight. Although less verbal than Rupert, Angus has no problem speaking up when needed, especially if it's about "those damn English!" His hatred for the Brits is palpable, and as far as he's concerned Claire can go right back where she came from – dead or alive. Rarely seen without a bottle in his hand, Angus is nonetheless an extremely skilled fighter, and a loyal clansman, making him an asset to both Colum and Dougal.

    RUPERT MACKENZIE (Grant O'Rourke)

    A loyal member of Clan MacKenzie; Jamie's second cousin. Rupert is an angler who is always looking for opportunities - he just can't stand to pass up a good raid. He's also known as a bit of a sex fiend. Rupert is Dougal's right hand man; Dougal has power and Rupert wishes he did as well. Rupert is happy to cast a watchful eye over Claire and report back to Dougal, but at the same time it's nothing personal; Claire is just a means to an end for him, a way to win points with Dougal.

    JENNY FRASER MURRAY (Laura Donnelly)

    Jamie's older sister, she shares many of the same strong characteristics of her brother. Stubborn and quick-tempered, Jenny is also smart, experienced, and skilled, running Lallybroch (the Fraser ancestral home) when Jamie is away. Jenny is married to Ian Murray, they have one child (Wee Jamie) and a second child on the way.

    DUKE OF SANDRINGHAM (Simon Callow)

    The Duke is about as opulent and flamboyant as they come in the 18th century. With a propensity for all things beautiful, the Duke rarely hears the word no.  We learn, like many men of power during this time, he has his hands in a few different cookie jars.

    LORD LOVAT (Clive Russell)

    Jamie’s estranged paternal grandfather, was known as “the Old Fox” for his conniving, self-serving nature. Despite having four wives himself, he cut Brian, Jamie’s father, out of his life when he did not approve of his choice of bride. Lord Lovat manipulates affairs according to his own selfish will.

    ROGER WAKEFIELD (Richard Rankin)

    Intelligent, kindhearted, and charming, Roger is the grown up version of Reverend Wakefield’s adorable adopted son we met in Season 1. After his parents died in World War II, Roger was raised by the Reverend (with help from his housekeeper, Mrs. Graham) and is a proud Scot through and through. Now a professor at Oxford, Roger has a keen interest in history, and all the secrets and insight it presents.

    Season 2 Episode Guide


    If you want to know nothing about the episodes at all, skip this section. Provided by Starz, this episode guide includes general episode descriptions and specific plot details.


    Episode 201: "Through a Glass, Darkly"
    Debut: SATURDAY, APRIL 9 (9-10:05pm ET/PT)
    Returning to her own time, Claire must reconcile her future with the life and love she left behind. Shifting back to 18th century, Jamie, Claire, and Murtagh arrive on the shores of France to turn the tides of history, but quickly learn that Paris presents its own unique set of challenges.

    Episode 202: "Not in Scotland Anymore"
    Debut: SATURDAY, APRIL 16 (9-10pm)
    Life in Paris is not without its trials as Jamie struggles to triumph over the traumas of his past. A fortunate meeting with Jacobite leader Prince Charles presents opportunities, while the Duke of Sandringham’s presence brings complications.

    Episode 203: "Useful Occupations and Deceptions"
    Debut: SATURDAY, APRIL 23 (9-10pm)
    Jamie’s days and nights are dominated by political machinations, while Claire finds solace in her healing skills. As their plan to stop Culloden progresses, including engaging the aid of a young pickpocket, the past threatens to derail their forward momentum.

    Episode 204: "La Dame Blanche"
    Debut: SATURDAY, APRIL 30 (9-10pm)
    Claire and Jamie throw an elaborate dinner party intended to derail investors in Prince Charles’ war effort. Meanwhile, Claire’ makes a startling revelation to Jamie that affects him in an unexpected way as he and Claire struggle to regain their physical intimacy.

    Episode 205: "Untimely Resurrection"
    Debut: SATURDAY, MAY 7 (9-10pm)
    Reunited, Jamie and Claire attempt to extinguish the fires their dinner party ignited; however, Claire is set off on an unexpected change of course. Jamie and Claire’s relationship is put to the ultimate test when the past rears its ugly head.

    Episode 206: "Best Laid Schemes"
    Debut: SATURDAY, MAY 14 (9-10pm)
    Jamie and Claire use Claire’s medical knowledge to devise a scheme to stop a wine deal which could fill the Prince’s war chest. When Claire learns Jamie has gone back on his word, the couple are met with dire consequences that will forever change their lives.

    Episode 207: "Faith"
    Debut: SATURDAY, MAY 21 (9-10pm)
    Claire is brought to L’Hopital Des Anges where doctors try to save her life and that of her unborn baby. King Louis asks Claire to judge two men accused of practicing the dark arts – one an enemy, one a friend.

    Episode 208: "The Fox's Lair"
    Debut: SATURDAY, MAY 28 (9-10pm)
    Claire and Jamie call upon Jamie’s grandsire, Lord Lovat, in an attempt to elicit support for the Jacobite cause. However, a visiting Colum MacKenzie has other plans, and Lord Lovat’s manipulative machinations ensure that no matter what, his own interests will be served.

    Episode 209: "Je Suis Pres"
    Debut: SATURDAY, JUNE 4 (9-10pm)
    Claire and Jamie reunite with the Lallybroch and MacKenzie men as they train for war. Jamie’s power struggles with Dougal and Claire’s personal battle with her memories of WWII weigh upon them, but new, helpful information comes to light when a young Englishman named William Grey pays a surprise visit to their camp.

    Episode 210: "Prestonpans"
    Debut: SATURDAY, JUNE 11 (9-10pm)
    Trusting in Claire’s knowledge of “history,” Jamie leads the Jacobite army into a critical battle with British opposition near the town of Preston. Meanwhile, Claire attends to the dead and dying, a reminder of the truest costs of war.

    Episode 211: "Vengeance Is Mine"
    Debut: SATURDAY, JUNE 18 (9-10pm)
    Claire and the Highlanders are sent north after the Jacobite leaders decide to halt their march on London. A band of redcoats makes trouble for the Scots, leading to a most unexpected reunion for Claire.

    Episode 212: "The Hail Mary"
    Debut: SATURDAY, JUNE 25 (9-10pm)
    As Jamie puts all of his efforts into turning the Jacobite army away from the impending slaughter at Culloden Moor, Claire attempts to comfort the sick Alex Randall. She is stunned when Alex reveals an outrageous plan to save the mother of his child.

    Episode 213: "Dragonfly in Amber"
    Debut: SATURDAY, JULY 9 (9-10:30pm)
    Flashing forward to 1968, Claire travels to Scotland with her twenty-year-old daughter, Brianna, and meets Roger Wakefield. Claire visits Lallybroch and Culloden Moor to make peace with the past, while Brianna and Roger bond over researching Randall family history. Claire finally reveals the truth to Brianna about her time travel through the stones, her life in 1700s Scotland, and Brianna's true parentage. The story is intercut with another one back in the 18th century, which happens on the day of the Battle of Culloden. When Jamie's last ditch attempts to deter The Prince fail, he and Claire come up with a dangerous plan -- which Dougal overhears, inciting him to a murderous rage. Jamie must do everything he can to save the ones he loves, even if it means saying goodbye to some -- or all --of them.



    While much of the story takes place in France, the series was again shot almost entirely in Scotland, mainly in the state-of-the-art studio complex located in Cumbernauld, close to Glasgow, that was retrofitted for Season 1. To accommodate all the sets needed to create three completely different worlds – 1740s Paris, 1740s Scotland and 1940s Scotland, two new soundstages were built, in addition to the two existing soundstages (measuring 17,000 and 10,000 square feet), armory, props warehouse, design studio, carpentry shop and complete post-production facilities. And despite the authentic representation of both interior and exterior scenes in Paris, the production spent no time at all in France.

    “Paris doesn't really look like it did in the 18th century anymore,” Executive Producer Ron Moore explains. “We had to go find some place that still did.” For many locations, that place was Scotland. Several local stately homes were utilized, including Hopetoun House, designed by Sir William Bruce and remodeled by William Adam, which is one of the finest examples of 18th century architecture in Great Britain, and Gosford House, an imposing neoclassical mansion that was one of the last great commissions of the celebrated Scots architect, Robert Adam. Dysart Harbour, once a busy and wealthy port involved in such wide ranging industries as salt production, coal mining, the textile industry, fishing and boat building, stood in for Le Havre docks. More difficult was finding locations that could double for the magnificent palace of Versailles. The exterior of Gosford House played the part of King Louis’s stables, while the grounds of Drummond Castle, nestled in the hills south of Creiff, were used for scenes that take place in the garden. “Drummond Castle Gardens are one of the finest examples of formal terraced gardens in Scotland and could reflect the majesty of the French gardens,” producer David Brown explains. “We decided to go the visual effects route and drop 3D shots of the old Palace of Versailles into the background of our shots.” (These gardens have a historical link to the story as they were abandoned in 1745, following the second Jacobite rising.) And for some Versailles scenes, including exteriors and interior rooms, one of England’s most historic estates was employed. Rooms in Wilton House in Salisbury, a Palladian masterpiece, were transformed into French salons, and furnished with period-appropriate pieces. But when it came to recreating the city streets of 18th Century Paris, Moore and his team had to go further afield. “In the old city of Prague you’ve got lots of eighteenth century period buildings. The entire production, hundreds of cast and crew relocated to the Czech capital for nearly two weeks, capturing street scenes, chase sequences and hospital exteriors. An ornate library in Prague was also used for an iconic chess scene.

    "Outlander: Original Television Soundtrack, Vol. 2" was released on CD and digital formats on September 25, 2015.  The soundtrack contains original music and period-accurate song adaptations by McCreary from across season one of the Outlander television series, with a focus on the last eight episodes.  In response to demand from fans, the album also includes "Wool Waulking Songs" – a pair of traditional folk songs performed on camera, a cappella, by Outlander cast members.

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