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BONES Wedding: Brennan and Booth's Invitation, Gift Registry, Dinner Menu, and Wedding Photos

Maj Canton - October 17, 2013






In honor of the BONES wedding of Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth on Monday, October 21, 2013 at 8pm ET/PT on FOX, we're celebrating the big event by sharing their wedding invitation, helping the lovely couple select gifts for their wedding registry, cooking up the menu for their reception, and taking a peek at some photos from their special day. 




Official FOX Wedding Invitation


Brennan & Booth's Wedding Gift Registry

  Item Price Would Love For Her/Both/Him

 Bone Appetit 9" Dinner Plates, Blue
 $88  4  Both

 Skeleton Oven Mitt
 $6  2  Both

 Scaredy-Bones Kitchen Towel
 $16  4  Both

 Coffee Mug, "I Found This Humerus"
 $10  2  Both

 Bone Collector Cookie Jar
 $30  1  Both

 Skeleton Toast Rack
 $30  1  Both

 Skeleton Head Ice Cube Tray
 $6  2  Both

 Anatomical Heart Champagne Flute
 $22  4  Both

 The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook
 $1  1  Her
  Item Price Would Love For Her/Both/Him

 Flower Skull Queen Sheet Set
 $38  1  Both

 Skeleton Dog Lamp
 $73  2  Both
Living Room
  Item Price Would Love For Her/Both/Him

 Skull Table Lamp
 $240  2  Both

 Bones Coffee Table
 Custom  1  Both
  Item Price Would Love For Her/Both/Him

 Jersey Shore: The Complete Series on DVD
 $63  1  Her

 With Amusement for All:
 History of American Pop Culture since 1830

 $23  1  Her

 The Visible Man
 $32  1  Both

 Collected Works of Kathy Reichs
 $28  1  Her

 Ice Skating Lessons
@ The Sculpture Garden

 $135  1  Her

 Poco: The Ultimate Collection
 $9  1  Him

 Foreigner Concert
 (New Brunswick, NJ)

 $110  1  Him

 Wayne Gretzky Fantasy Camp
 $11,999  1  Him
  Item Price Would Love For Her/Both/Him

 Skull Cufflinks
 $26  1  Him

 Skeleton Tie
 $10  1  Him

 Samsung Galaxy S3 Case
 Da Vinci's Human Skeletons

 $50  2  Both
  Item Price Would Love For Her/Both/Him

 Honeymoon in Buenos Aires
Honeyfund Donation  1  Both

 Maluku Islands Vacation
Vacayfund Donation  1  Both

Menu: Cocktails, Appetizers & Dinner


 Bloody Mary


 Bone Marrow Soup


 Broiled Latissimus Dorsi Muscles in White Wine


 Mediterranean Humorous with Pita Bread


 Liver Patella


 Blood Sausage


 Barbecue Costae


 Choice of Cuboid Steak or Tendonloin Steak


 Artichoke Hearts a La Grecque


 Kidney Beans


 Phalangeling Potatoes


 Mexican Sweets' Breads


 Lady Fingers

 Mummy Champagne


 Wedding Cake


 Squintern's Cake

Official FOX Wedding Photos