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A St. Patrick's Day Parade of Irish-Themed TV Shows & TV Movies

Maj Canton - March 13, 2009



Update on March 16, 2012: To see a list of the Top 10 Irish-Themed TV Movies, click here.


Update on March 16, 2010: To see a list of the Top 10 St. Patrick's Day TV Episodes, click here.



TV Tango Celebrates the Wearin’ of the Green, the Shakin’ of the Shamrock and the Gulpin’ of the Guinness.


St. Patrick's Day Themed TV Episodes

1. How I Met Your Mother: No Tomorrow (March 17, 2008)

There are two great things about this episode -- a yellow umbrella and Barney in a green pimp suit. Barney, in his best leprechaun (or NBA-player) garb, actually convinces Ted to party like there's no tomorrow. Good thing, too, because that's the only reason why Ted goes to the St. Patrick's Day bash where he eventually finds the mother's yellow umbrella.



2. The Simpsons: Homer vs. the 18th Amendment (March 16, 1997)

Bart gets drunk at the St. Patrick's Day Parade, causing the residents of Springfield to push for prohibition. Surprisingly, the city's 18th Amendment -- long-forgotten and no longer enforced -- already prohibits alcohol. Once the city enforces the law, Homer becomes the 'Beer Baron' and supplies illegal homemade beer to local pubs. When Homer becomes overwhelmed with demand for his drink, he turns himself in to the police and avoids punishment only when it's revealed the old law is invalid.

This year's St. Patrick's Day themed episode is going to air in Ireland before it airs in the States -- the first time a Simpsons show first airs in a foreign country. Plus, if you're looking for this episode and other Simpsons episodes with a Celtic twist, Amazon and iTunes have put together a small collection.



3. Futurama: Luck of the Fryish (March 11, 2001)

This episode revolves around a seven-leaf clover that is Fry's lucky charm, but that's really the only connection to St. Patrick's Day. In the 1980s Fry hides his seven-leaf clover, and in the year 3000 he finds that the shamrock is missing. He believes that his brother stole the shamrock and, after a little searching, Fry also believes his brother stole his identity and became a famous millionaire rock-star astronaut. Fry's anger drives him to get back his seven-leaf clover, and, in the process, he is touched to learn that the millionaire rock-star astronaut is actually his namesake nephew.


4. Bewitched: The Leprechaun (March 17, 1966): Watch the full episode in color or B&W for FREE.

Brian O'Brian, a leprechaun relative of Darrin, comes to claim his pot of gold and regain his powers. One of Darrin's clients has the gold and eventually agrees to return it to Brian in exchange for an advertising deal with Darrin's firm.


5. Lil' Bush: St. Patrick's Day (March 12, 2008): Watch a clip of K-Fed's MC Rove's rap.

Kevin Federline Alert! The former Mr. Britney Spears provides the voice for Lil' Karl Rove, who the Lil' Cronies call in to ruin the Lil' Dems inclusive St. Patrick's Day Parade. Bonus! K-Fed raps as MC Rove, an alter ego for Lil' Karl Rove.


6. Beverly Hills 90210: The Leprechaun (March 17, 1999)

To promote the paper, Steve sponsors a St. Patrick's Day contest -- whoever catches a man dressed as a leprechaun will win a pot of gold. Drama ensues. Steve is held at knife point. There's a touching, happy ending.


Irish-Themed TV Movies

1. Magical Legend of the Leprechauns (November 7 & 8, 1999)

An American businessman travels to Ireland to buy land for his company and inadvertently saves the life of a drowning leprechaun. In return of favor, the little people embrace the outsider and allow him a rare glimpse of their world... which is now embroiled in a feud with the Trooping Fairies.  The conflict escalates when a young leprechaun fall in love with the Fairy princess.

2. St. Patrick: The Irish Legend (March 12, 2000)

This TV Movies tells the story of Irish Catholic spiritual leader St. Patrick. In fifth century A.D. Patrick is born in Briton, the son of nobility, but his rebellious youth is cut short when he is kidnapped and enslaved by a cruel Irish Druid chieftain. He rediscover his faith in God and escapes. He is troubled by visions--the voices of the Irish pleading with him to return and lead them to god. He becomes a priest then a Bishop, returning to Ireland to bring God to his people but his effort are repeatedly jeopardized by the Church of Britain.

3. Murder, She Wrote: The Celtic Riddle (May 9, 2003)

Based on the novel “The Celtic Riddle” by Lynn Hamilton and the long running CBS TV series. Mystery writer turned sleuth, Jessica Fletcher, journeys to Ireland for the reading of a friend’s will that subsequently leads to a series of murders when a great hidden treasure is up for grabs.


4. The Railway Station Man (October 18, 1992)

Based on the book by Jennifer Johnston.  In an Irish coastal town, a middle-aged widow whose husband was mistakenly killed by the IRA falls in love with a disabled American railroad man whose dream is to restore an old railway station. Their passionate affair is soon troubled when her son becomes involved in political intrigue, which ultimately ends in a tragic explosion.

5. The Seventh Stream (December 9, 2001)

In 1909 a lonely, widowed Irish fisherman finds a Selchie who, according to Celtic folklore, sheds its sealskin on land and turns into an enchanting woman.  She soon brings much need warmth to his home-as well as magically increasing his catch from the sea. He falls deeply in love with the mysterious beauty but her time in human form is limited and he is forced to let her go but not before learning to love and trust again.


6. The Love She Sought (October 21, 1990)

An unfulfilled spinster teacher retires, travels to Ireland in a quest for romance with a long time pen pal, and is crushed to discover he's a priest.