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Top 10 TV Sitcom Baby Births

Anne Gould Northgraves - March 3, 2010



Aww, Baby!

Get out the Gerbers and the diaper genies, because our televisions are being overpopulated by babies this week -- Regis and Kelly's annual Beautiful Baby search, Discovery Health Channel's Baby Week, and Pam's imminent delivery on The Office. In honor of this baby frenzy, let's look back at some of the most memorable maternity moments on sitcoms since the birth of television.


Series: Friends


Baby: Ross and Rachel's daughter, Emma, is born on May 16, 2002.

Why Memorable: Emma's birth was already Event TV with a capital E since she was the daughter of one of the most will-they-or-won't-they couples in television history and because there was a full year of heated anticipation. But when Rachel gets nervous about raising the baby herself and sees the once-smitten Joey holding up a ring, the episode becomes one of the most memorable season finales when she says "yes" to Joey -- right in front of Ross!

Series: Mad About You


Baby: Paul and Jamie's daughter, Mabel, is born on May 20, 1997.

Why Memorable: As realistic as any episode of this sitcom, Mabel's birth comes as a two-parter episode in which Jamie goes through several false alarms before finally giving birth. FUN FACT: Mabel is one of two babies on this list to have an acronym for a name. Mabel means "Mothers Always Bring Extra Love."

Series: Murphy Brown


Baby: Murphy's son, Avery, is born on May 18, 1992.

Why Memorable: Definitely more of an "ohhh" moment than an "awww" moment. This titular newswoman's pregnancy gained renown when Vice President Dan Quayle criticized her becoming a single mother. After giving birth, Murphy sang "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" to her newborn baby, who she finally named after her deceased mother -- four months later.

Series: Bewitched


Baby: Darrin and Samantha's daughter, Tabitha, is born on January 13, 1966.

Why Memorable: This bewitching comedy couldn't just have a typical baby-is-born-awww episode. New dad (old) Darrin tries to reign in the antics of Samantha's look-alike mischievous cousin Serena because he thinks she is a spell-induced adult version of his newly-born daughter -- the story truly gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "they grow up so fast." Tabitha was such a great little witch she even got her own spin-off, but it's spell wore off quickly.

Series: The Dick Van Dyke Show


Baby: Rob and Laura's son, Ritchie

Why Memorable: Though Ritchie's birth wasn't shown -- this was the 60's, after all -- the episode where Rob recalls his son's homecoming has the biggest "haw" moment on this list. Rob thinks his child has been switched with the Peters' child, and he invites them over to check. Just one minor detail -- the Peters turn out to be African American. Cue the longest uninterrupted laugh in television history.

Series: Malcolm in the Middle


Baby: Hal and Lois's son, Jamie, is born on May 18, 2003.

Why Memorable: Lois' fifth birth is par for this wacky family's course. Jamie is born at home and delivered by eldest son Francis, making this much more of an "ewww" moment than an "awww" moment. Meanwhile, Hal goes on a powerful pain med trip at the hospital. Plus, in classic Malcolm style, the baby's gender is obscured and kept secret through several episodes -- and the entire summer -- before finally revealing Lois had a boy once again.

Series: All in the Family


Baby: Mike and Gloria's son, Joey, is born on December 22, 1975.

Why Memorable: The birth of a healthy baby boy for the Stivics is all the more heartwarming after Gloria's miscarriage during the first season. But the joy wouldn't be classic without typical All in the Family aplomb as Archie arrives at the hospital in oh-so-politically-incorrect blackface.

Series: Full House


Baby: Jesse and Becky's twins, Nicky and Alex, are born on November 12, 1991.

Why Memorable: Yes, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were the more famous twins as the adorable Michelle Tanner, but the birth of actual twin characters in the show's fifth season added some sugar to this saccharine show. Sure, it was implausible for the Jesse and Becky to willingly continue living in the attic with two new kids, but the show was called "Full House" for a reason.

Series: Sex and the City


Baby: Steve and Miranda's son, Brady, is born on February 10, 2002.

Why Memorable: The prickly, emotionally distant Miranda was one of the least-excited expectant mothers in television history. But seeing her hard heart melt at meeting her son is so powerful she steals the episode from the continued melodrama of Carrie and Big. And he's the most adorable ginger baby we've ever seen, on or off television.


Series: I Love Lucy


Baby: Ricky and Lucy's son, Little Ricky, is born on January 19, 1953.

Why Memorable: This episode was truly must-see-TV as America decided we liked Little Ricky much more than we liked Ike. Ricky's birth was viewed by 44 million people (and 69.2% of households), while only 29 million people watched Eisenhower's inauguration the following day. FUN FACT: In real life, Lucille Ball was pregnant and she gave birth to Desi Arnaz, Jr. the same night that Little Ricky was born on TV.


Anne Gould Northgraves is a student at Ithaca College, majoring in screenwriting with a minor in learning to live with no money. Her passions include "Lost," the Red Sox, and amassing knowledge of everything about every film and television show.