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Rapid Recaps & TV Web-bits From Last Week

Abe Fried-Tanzer - October 25, 2009


Each week TV Tango takes you around the dial and across the web so you can read recaps of the hottest programs and catch up on the biggest TV-related news stories & fun sites/links from the previous week.


Rapid Recaps From Last Week

Curb Your Enthusiasm – "Denise Handicapped" (10/18/2009)  

Much to the surprise of everyone who knows him, Larry starts dating a woman in a wheelchair and is elated to discover perks of going out with her. Larry's inability to let Rosie O'Donnell pay for lunch results in an embarrassing confrontation.  


Dexter – "Dex Takes A Holiday" (10/18/2009)


When Rita goes away with the kids for the weekend, Dexter targets a cop he believes murdered her husband and child and finds himself contemplating his ties to his family. Deb and Lundy get closer while Batista and LaGuerta struggle to move forward.  


Mad Men – "The Color Blue" (10/18/2009)


Startling news comes down from the British regarding the future of Sterling-Cooper as the office prepares for a ceremony in Don's honor. Betty uncovers part of Don's mysterious past while he spends most of his time romancing Suzy's former teacher.  


NCIS: Los Angeles – "Killshot" (10/20/2009)


The team discovers that Director Vance is familiar with an assassin in their latest case. Vance asks Abby for help with the forensics, and Dominic is called upon to go undercover when the team needs an unfamiliar face to catch a criminal.  


Sons of Anarchy – "Gilead" (10/20/2009)


With most of the club in prison, Clay goes to work making alliances with rival groups, and Opie does his part on the outside to ease their situation. Gemma steps up to help secure their release, and Agent Stahl returns to Charming to ask Clay and Jax for help taking down Zobelle.  


Glee – "Mash-Up" (10/21/2009)


Tension arises when Will teaches Emma and Ken how to dance in preparation for their wedding, prompting Ken to try to sabotage the glee club. Puck expresses an interest in Rachel, and club members contend with a degrading high school slushie tradition.  


FlashForward – "Give Me Some Truth" (10/22/2009)


Mark, Demetri, and Stan are called to testify about the way they've been conducting their investigation. Stan's political connections present advantages and disadvantages, and the validity of Mark's flashforward comes into question. Janis begins a new relationship.  


The Office – "The Lover" (10/22/2009)


Michael tells Pam that he's dating her mother, and Pam doesn't react well, resulting in a verbal fight at the office. Dwight sucks up to Jim in order to plant a listening device in his office, but Jim quickly becomes suspicious and starts messing around with Dwight.    


30 Rock – "Into the Crevasse" (10/22/2009)


Jack has to contend with Devon Banks as his nemesis tries to oust Jack from his job with his newfound political power from the Obama administration. The release of Liz's Dealbreaker book infuriates her co-workers, and Jenna takes a lead role in a new movie.    



TV Web-bits From Last Week



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