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Rapid Recaps & TV Web-bits From Last Week

Abe Fried-Tanzer - October 18, 2009


Each week TV Tango takes you around the dial and across the web so you can read recaps of the hottest programs and catch up on the biggest TV-related news stories & fun sites/links from the previous week.


Rapid Recaps From Last Week

Curb Your Enthusiasm – "The Hot Towel" (10/11/2009)  

When Larry attends Ted and Mary's anniversary party, he finds himself questioning societal codes when the couple takes out someone else with his generous restaurant gift certificate. He also accuses Christian Slater of eating more than his allotted share of caviar.  


Dexter – "Blinded by the Light" (10/11/2009)


Dexter gets creative when a neighborhood burglar puts his secretive lifestyle at risk. The Trinity Killer kills again, and Lundy begins to help Deb with the case. LaGuerta and Batista struggle to keep their relationship under wraps.  


Mad Men – "Wee Small Hours" (10/11/2009)


Betty hosts a fundraiser after Henry makes an unexpected house call. Don has trouble living up to Conrad Hilton's sky-high expectations, and Sal faces a tough decision when a major client makes a move on him at the office.  


NCIS: Los Angeles – "Search and Destroy" (10/13/2009)


The team tracks a former Marine who has gone astray from a security company and was involved in a murder. Their investigation is hindered by the interference of the dogged security company but helped by the use of Facebook.  


Sons of Anarchy – "Falx Cerebri" (10/13/2009)


Jax enlists the help of Hale to track down and root out the white separatists from Charming, but has trouble convincing the club from taking extralegal action to extract Zobelle. Gemma and Tara bond over a shared frustration.  


Glee – "Throwdown" (10/14/2009)


Sue and Will go to war as co-advisors of the glee club, and Sue tries to divide the group by ethnically profiling the students. Terri takes dramatic steps to maintain the charade of her pregnancy, and Quinn becomes increasingly jealous of Rachel's bond with Finn.  


FlashForward – "Black Swan" (10/15/2009)


Mark and Demetri interrogate the woman they apprehended right after the flash forward about her connection to the blackout. Olivia is bothered by the importance people give to the flash forwards, while others take their previewed futures to heart.  


The Office – "Mafia" (10/15/2009)


Michael becomes convinced that an insurance salesman is in the mafia and turns to Dwight and Andy to ensure that he doesn't sign a contract. Jim and Pam can't seem to escape the office on their honeymoon, and Kevin occupies Jim's office in his absence.    


30 Rock – "Season 4" (10/15/2009)


The flagging economy has forced NBC to make budget cuts, but Kenneth is dismayed when he learns that Jack kept his bonus after getting rid of page overtime. The pages go on strike, and disgruntled stars Tracy and Jenna join in the protest.    



TV Web-bits From Last Week



Abe Fried-Tanzer is a student at New York University majoring in cinema studies and journalism. He makes it his priority each year to see every Oscar-nominated film and watch every new television pilot, and writes reviews and awards predictions on his personal movie and TV blogs.